Download and install Adobe CC

How to download Adobe Creative Cloud and install?

Adobe has recently moved from selling licenses forever to distributing through individual program subscriptions.

In order to download Adobe Photoshop to pk or another Adobe application, you must first download the Creative Cloud and install the software tool,
for downloading and installing individual applications!

Then you can install any apps included in your subscription with one click!

Installation is performed on Windows 10 x64


Register on Adobe website and get Adobe ID

In order to download the Creative Cloud on Windows 10 you need login to your account or register and get Adobe ID
(If you already have an account, login to it and go further):

  1. Let's go to this address:

    And press the "Sign in"

    Go to the official Adobe website
  2. Click on "Create account"

    Create an Adobe ID account
  3. Create an account. By filling in the following data:

    1. Yours "Email"
    2. Names, last names
    3. Password
    4. Dates of birth
    5. Your country of residence

    After all fields are filled, click "Create account"

    Fill in registration data
  4. And we see that your account is created

    Successful account registration

Download installer

After creating or logging into an already existing account

  1. Let's go to the address:
    And press "Download"

    Download Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. Loading the installer

Program installation

  1. After the download, click "Open file"

    Open Adobe CC installer
  2. Please start by pressing "Yes"

    Confirmation of opening the file
  3. Enter "Email" from which you registered

    Enter Email in program
  4. And password

    Enter Password
  5. Click "Start installation"

    Start installation
  6. Download and install process will start

  7. After installation you will see this window

    Successful installation of Adobe Creative Cloud

After that, you can install any application on your PC from this store!

Then you can buy Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for 1 year https://altonkey.com/adobe-creative-cloudor to renew your subscription! Cheap with discount!

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