Microsoft Windows License Key

In the age of computer technology, almost every person has a computer withwhich you can perform many complex computational tasks. When you turn onthe PC automatically activates the operating system (OS), which is a set ofthat are interconnected and designed to manage all systems of the computer.The OS also provides a set of APIs applications and is a connectingcomponent between a human and a complex technique. For the smooth operationof the PC should license price from Microsoft, as only products with alicense is high quality and will not harm the computing device.

As noted above, it starts to work after the PC is turned on and performs anumber of functions:

  • intermediary, that is, acts as a conductor between and a person;
  • managers-controls the pc and all its systems;
  • runs the installed soft;
  • provides a simple and clear method of PC control, which there is aninterface.

The need such a tool is due to the peculiarity of the computer and theoperations that it is able to perform. To manage the resources,capabilities and tools of the PC are used simple operations, so all themanipulations that the user performs and the software - a few thousandbasic tasks.

Modern should, as this is the latest redaction of the OS from Microsoft,which has several options installation on PCs, laptops, tablets, Xbox oneconsoles and smartphones. This OS appeared in 2015 and immediately receivedcommendable reviews from critics. It allows you to synchronize settings, asit has a single platform.

How did MS Win?

The history of Win OS has several decades and begins with the release ofthe first redaction of "OS" - Windows 1.01, which was released in 1985. Butit was not a success and went unnoticed. The same fate befell the second.Despite the fact that the first for public use became available in 1985,the history of the largest Corporation "Microsoft" began 10 years earlier -then bill gates, while still a student, developed a version of BASIC, whichwas used on the first PC Altair 8800.

The third version of Windows 3.0 came out after 7 years and brought thecompany the desired success, as it was used on many personal devices. Thepolarity of the OS is due to several reasons, including the price availableon and a convenient graphical interface that allows you to operate with thedata not with the help of special commands, but through visual andintuitive manipulation of objects that designate such data. Plus, it ispossible to work not with one, but with several complex software products.

1995 was marked by the release of one of the most popular versions of theOS - Windows 95, which was followed by a new era in the world of pc. Thenew OS, unlike its predecessor, received a modified interface andaccelerated operation of programs. Windows 95 provided users with theability to configure additional devices automatically and resolve conflictsbetween them. Plus, the new "OSes" has become a prerequisite for theemergence of the world wide web. However, Windows 95 cannot be called afully 32-bit. In total, between 1985 and 2015, the company released 17versions of the OS for desktop computing devices. The latest of the"operating system" is win 10, which offers users great opportunities.

Operating System Features

At the moment, the software product from Microsoft is the most popular andin demand, as there are more than 150 million PCs running on Microsoft OSin the world. On the Internet you and install it on your pc.

The distinctive features of the software product from include:

user-friendly and understandable interface all OS versions, applications ofwhich are almost identical;

  • excellent backward compatibility, as the vast number of previouslycreated programs work well in tandem with the new.
  • rivers are available almost any external hardware and device;
  • large selection of SOFTWARE, whereby the user choose the mostconvenient program;
  • built-in administration tools;
  • automatic deployment in industrial plants;
  • the ability to develop different applications, which is achieved due tothe availability of documentation in different languages;
  • centralized update system, which is carried out automatically.

In order to enjoy all the advantages and features of the OS from Microsoft,you should, which be obtained by e-mail.

What is new?

The standard Ofeature set includes several applications:

  • Internet browser to access the network;
  • mail client;
  • the program listening to music.

Through COM and OLE, components of these applications be embedded in otherapplications, including third-party products. The standard package ofoptions and features is free to use, while others can be easily downloadedfrom the official Microsoft website without paying a fee. You theseprograms on a PC running on another OS using special emulators.

Modern programs have new features, options and capabilities. So, in orderto appreciate the beauty of the latest version of the OS, you need to andinstall on your computer. The advantages of Windows 10 include versatility,improved search engine, the availability of universal search, as well asthe ability to use virtual desktops and attach additional, which beseveral. You can access your documents through the file Manager, which hasmany settings and provides personalization of data. Here you use the styleof design that is most like and suitable.

In all versions, you can configure the date and time, desktop, mouse,keyboard, and options that are on the (start) menu. The settings are savedthe registered user and are called configurations. The configuration toolsare the individual folder components and applications available in thecontrol Panel.v