Microsoft Microsoft 10 License Key

Description and main features of the new operating system:

In mid – 2015, Microsoft released its brand new product-OS, which combinesthe best features and capabilities of the seventh and eighth. The creationof the "OS" developer focused on its unification.

In our store you can and install on the devices listed below:

  • Xbox One game consoles;
  • smart device;
  • tablet PC;
  • stationary computers;
  • laptops.

The system is a monolithic unified platform allows you to synchronize thesettings of the previous series. Despite the uniqueness of Windows 10,users 7 and 8 are fully satisfied with their functionality, so refuse tomove on to a series of operating for the PC. Especially the old has aunique opportunity to upgrade to the current 10, and at no charge.According to the responsible creators, Windows 10-this is the last, so canonly be in digital form.

Features of the software product

We should also mention the design of the program, which is dominated by theplane. This design technique is used by major creators from around theworld. As the functionality and navigation, they are worked out to thesmallest detail. Windows tenth has a field notifications from this. Thisfield contains a list of important messages which are listed in orderaccording to the date of receipt. The one can work with several desktops,which is extremely important and convenient. For example, you can use avariety of folders, documents, and applications to enjoy your time and workon your PC.

In the tenth, there is a visual assistant allows you to quickly find thenecessary information and keep a log of your actions. Among the manyinnovations, it should be noted the absence of an application to connect tothe Internet – Internet Explorer, instead of which the Spartan browser isused. It has a huge feature set and improved navigation.

Synchronization in Windows 10 is at the highest level. So, here you cansynchronize information not only between different browsers, but alsobetween individual applications. To install the games, this is consideredthe most preferable, so from this point of view to buy windows 10 price isreasonable, as the product allows you to perform many different incomplexity manipulations relating to recreation, work and play computergames.

How to create OS Windows 10?

Speaking of the tenth Windows, the question arises about its serial number,which in theory should be the ninth. Despite the positive feedback aboutthe eighth, the developer himself does not consider it perfect. The productshould be something unique and different from previous OS models. As thetight schedule the creation, this is due to the presence of owndevelopments are already available in the developments of Microsoft. Thedeveloper had a simple task – to combine and accumulate all was createdwith the addition of features. In order to appreciate the beauty of workingwith OS tenth, you need to buy a Windows 10 license price, which will besent after payment to the email address of the recipient.

System requirements to install:

  • The basic version of this product, which is installed on a PC, has suchrequirements:
  • the processor must have a frequency of at least 1 GHz;
  • to install the program on the disk must be memory from 16 to 20gigabytes;
  • the presence of DirectX 9 and above.
  • If the OS will be installed on a mobile phone, it must meet theserequirements:
  • display with a resolution of at least 800x480 pixels;
  • installation requires 512 megabytes or more of memory.
  • In principle, from the eighth differences minor. This is due to theexcellent optimization and lack of innovation.

How to upgrade to tenth?

As mentioned above, users 7 and 8 can upgrade to 10 free. Of course, youcan buy a Windows 10 license price, but it is more expensive to upgrade, somany prefer the latter option. Updates are downloaded over the Internet,and the speed of downloading the program will depend on the specificconditions. The entire download procedure will take at least an hour.

The edition of the new program depends on the previously installed one. Theprinciple of operation is simple, so download the updates will be able toeach PC user. The version of the update is similar to the one that was onthe 7 and 8, but if you do not like it, you will have to buy windows 10 64bit activation license with a lot of useful features and improvedinterface.

What's different?

Considering this product, it should be noted some similarities withprevious versions, but still it has its own characteristics and advancedfunctionality allows you to perform many different manipulations withdocuments, files and other elements of the system. The following featuresserve as a confirmation of the uniqueness of the new from Microsoft.


Interface and functionality of the tenth is great all devices that are usedtoday by modern society. The developer took into account the complaintsfrom the owners of the PC, which indicated that the 8 version is moresuitable smartphones and tablets, not for PCs. Therefore, the company hasreleased an improved software meets all the requirements.

Upgraded trigger system

Most users of Windows 8 complained about the wrong location of the "start"menu, which was taken out of the desktop. Now it is divided into two parts:the left is decorated in the style of the seventh OS, and the rightresembles the eighth version. In addition, buy a key windows 10 64 bit usercan customize the menu to fit your needs. To do this, it must go to "start"and select "Settings".

Universal search system

The OS allows you to quickly find the necessary documents, files andprograms. There is a separate button that simplifies the task severaltimes.

Visualized assistants in the form of desktop

The computer screen can display several desktops at the same time, betweenwhich you can easily "maneuver". Also there is a call button, which islocated in the main menu. Instead, you can use the Win+Tab key combination.

Modified command lines

This is extremely important easy work on the computer, but the additionwill be interesting more advanced users. The improved command line providesoptions working with text documents. The main tasks include copying,selection and insertion. Now you can perform various manipulations with thetexts without any special efforts.

In General, activation key windows 10 32x - 64x bit – is a quality andconvenient product working on various devices, received a lot of positivefeedback from both critics and ordinary users.