Activating Microsoft Office 2021 By Phone

How to activate Microsoft Office 2021 by phone

Activating Microsoft Office 2021 with a license key over the phone on your PC.


As an example, let's activate Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus with a license key.

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus Buy Activation Key for Windows 10: https://altonkey.com/en/microsoft-office/ms-office-2021/office-2021-pro-plus

You should already have Microsoft Office 2021 installed on your computer!

How do I install Microsoft Office 2021 online? https://altonkey.com/en/guides/ms-office/install-office-2021

Sometimes when you activate Office 2021 as standard, you might run into a problem and this window will open:

In the search for Windows we are looking for a program from the MS Office (For example, open «Word»)

Do not open the built-in Windows "Word"! And open the "Word" that you installed with Microsoft Office 2021!

Go to the tab "Account":

Click on the button «Activate product»:

At the bottom, click on the item ««Enter product instead of input»»:

Enter your product key in the window:

After entering the license code, select «Activate by phone» And click next:

Now perform the following action:

  1. Choose YOUR country.
  2. Calling the specified number
  3. The robot will pick up the phone, and we will need to select the necessary menu items (By pressing the corresponding buttons in the phone)
    1. We refuse to record the conversation by clicking - 2
    2. Activation of other products3
    3. We are near the computer - 1
  4. Sequentially enter your «Installation code»
  5. If he asks: «On how many computers this key is installed» Click - 0

After you have entered the «Installation code» to the robot, the robot will tell you the response «Confirmation ID» enter them in the fields from A to H and click «Next»

The application will think a little and show a window of success in licensing:

This means that Activation of Office 2021 Professional Plus by phone was successful!
Now we can close this window!

In order for the changes to take effect, we will re-open our Office 2021 and make sure of activation.

Open and go to the tab: «Account» and look.

We hope we helped you answer the question: how to activate Office 2021 by phone?

Activate Microsoft Office 2021 via the Internet https://altonkey.com/en/guides/ms-office/activate-office2021-online

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