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After ten years of existence, many beloved Windows 7 has ceased to be officially updated, so all users of this version of the operating system is left to switch to «ten». download Winds 10 in the Russian language will be able to every user who wants to use the current operating system, endowed with effective protection against malicious programs. Now it is the latest version, so installing it on your computer, you will receive support and regular updates from Microsoft.

The main advantages of Windows 10

«The ten» due to a number of special functions, it works much faster than Winds 7. Separately, it is worth mentioning the integrated pane search bar for quick access to files and programs. Now the operating system allows you to place the windows next to each other for a quick overview of all open applications. Download an image of Windows 10 today is not very difficult. The original ISO image is a clean operating system without changes, as if a copy of a licensed DVD disc.

Windows 10 Features

Installation of «10» on your computer, you will get the following benefits:

  • and the old computer will work fine under Windows 10;
  • the ability to work with multiple desktops;
  • improved OS performance, confirmed by different tests;
  • support for new DirectX 12;
  • new menu design «Start» combining tile design interface with traditional style;
  • An operating system cross-platform.

You can download Microsoft Windows 10 for free, but to use the system permanently you need to buy a license key. After purchasing the key, the user will be able to use all the resources and capabilities of unlimitedly; on his personal computer.

Windows 10 Bits rate

The latest version of the OS, as before, received several bits. Windows 10 x32, x64, x86 are available for download. Among computer owners, 32-bit OS is in demand, but many people prefer to install the 64-bit version of the system.

There are no visual differences between the systems with different digit capacity, the difference comes down to the technical part only. If you download Windows 10 x64, and install it on your computer, you can get a performance boost on a PC with a multi-core processor.

This is explained by the ability of 64-bit Windows to work with memory up to 32 GB and run both 32-bit and 64-bit programs simultaneously.

Edits of Windows 10

Comparison of Editories Windows 10

By tradition, the new version of the system has several editions, focused on specific groups of users.

If you decided to download Microsoft Windows x64, then choose the OS among the following editions:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home Optimal choice for home use, perfect for a weak computer with far from the most powerful «iron»
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional If you're a PC owner with a top «iron» and you like to play with modern toys, put in the Professional.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Selecting the largest corporations and firms. This edition supports the complex features of Direct Access, BranchCache, Credential Guard, and Device Guard.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Education For educational institutions.

As for the latest edition, it is even more stable and has additional features, such as long-term maintenance of Long Term Servicing Branch. We offer to download Windows 10 64 bits of Professional or Home edition, which is quite enough for comfortable work and play at home computer.

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