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Microsoft office 2019 for home and StudentThe modern world requires from a person quick decisions and quickprocessing of any information . That is why today almost in every homethere is a personal computer , which is designed not ..
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Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office - an improved set of programs that every person needs toautomate workflow . This n ew technology that can be called universal , andis also very convenient and and practical and . At the moment he fired theactual publication is Microsoft Office 2019 .

The composition of the package and to windose 10 and iOS includes severalmultipurpose programs GOVERNMENTAL funds .

  • Word 2019 serves to process textual information. This is one of themost popular software, without which almost no one can do. Therenovation included the opportunity to translate the text into otherlanguages. In addition, the Word is able to convert text into a voiceaudio track. When tired eyes you can switch to view the information ,using sepia or black pages. If you have a PC with a touch screen, youcan use graphic drawing with a digital pen.
  • Excel 2019 is the main program for working with various tables. Theupdated product integrates many additional unique innovations . Forexample, Excel has some modification of a Word , where you can note thedrawing and translator. But besides them, there are own additions thathave noticeably improved the workflow . In the last package, a veryuseful function of deselecting cells using the Ctrl key was introduced. This feature allows you to save a lot of time. It also becamepossible to return the largest and smallest values in the range usingMAXIFS and MINIFS . In addition , a couple of new types of charts andcartographic maps appeared.
  • OutLook 2019 - the application is, to the relationship with e-mail thatcontains a calendar and a set of contacts. Like Word , OutLook has theability to read audio information. In addition to this, there are alsomany other innovations. When deleting messages, all messages can bemarked as read. To restore the letter, you must go to the "deleted"section. The most interesting addition is the Focused Inbox function .The uniqueness lies in the fact that your messages are placed in thefolders "Important" and "Other." In the Othe section there are messagesin the form of all- around mailings and newsletters. This integrationwill be useful for working with your e-mail .
  • PowerPoint 2019 is software for visualizing information. As a rule, itfinds its application in business enterprises . After improving prev inconductive version has a spectacular transition Morph. Perfect usewould be similar slides with a few differences.

What are other news?

Other nuances that are not global, but serve as an excellent addition -high-resolution video in 4K, selection of text in the style of Word ,automatic removal of the background.

All MS Office 2019 software tools are provided with themes that are moreconvenient , especially for people with poor eyesight. Also, in eachprogram there is a scan function for readability of information. This willtake care of people with disabilities.

The last Office available to new sounds that will simplify Started Chiiproce ss to pr ogrammnym software, making it more convenient. You can turnon the soundtrack while enjoying the work.

There are a lot of reasons why you should change the version of the programto the last. The life cycle of the software package Microsoft Officereaches 10 years. After 10 years, the company ceases to engage in thecorrection of all sorts of problems, from which they become vulnerable andunsafe.

For some, the camp is a minus, that the new version of the n th can besupported by all operating systems. This package is not suitable forWindows 7, you can buy it for Windows 10 or mac os 32 bit 64 bit . Withthis step, the company wants to move people to the last variation of theWindows .

The official version: is it worth it or spending it ?

Profitable investments are the basis for rational spending of money. Sinceyou can t do without a computer in any sphere, the Microsoft Office 2019 isone of the most promising investments. If you buy an esd license , it willallow you to have cloud storage for a year or for life .

Activating the Microsoft office will help secure your computer anddocuments stored on it. Constant updates will allow you to find all sortsof vulnerabilities, as well as fix them. The company supports the user byhelping to eliminate all errors and problems in the work.

Acquiring an electronic activation key will give you a lot of advantages .Our site gives you a great opportunity to make the right investments, ofwhich am not need to feel sorry for , receiving a certain code .

Using the unofficial version will not provide you with full functionality.When buying a license update, you will be able to appreciate all theadvantages of this product and at times facilitate your work. Currently,the activity in any enterprise cannot do without the purchase of theofficial version of the program . In addition to the use in the company,the Windows office ( x32 bits / x64 bits ) is used for working at home.

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