Language changes in Windows 10

Changing the interface language in Microsoft Windows 10

How do I change the interface language in windows 10?

Article on changing the default language of Windows 10. Adding a new language pack to menus, dialogs, and other UI elements.

For example, let's change the system language in Windows 10 Home (Home)

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Changing the main language of the system may be necessary if you do not like the installed package, it is necessary for work or for an incentive to learn a new language.

Let's go to system settings:

Click on the icon «Windows»
Select and click on «Gear»

Go to the menu «Time and language»:

Select the item «Language» on the left And click on the button «Adding a language»:

Looking for the right «language» For example, set «French»:

If you need, then mark «with the checkboxes» The necessary items and click «Install»:

Go to «Parameters»:

Click on the button «Download» From the bottom of the header «Download»:

Exit the menu «Parameters» By clicking on top of «Left arrow»:

In the «drop-down list» Select the new «language» that you have installed:

will agree to «Logout» In order for the changes to apply:

After «Exit», go back by clicking «Log in»:

To check, open again «Windows 10 settings» To make sure that the system language has changed to «French» Was successful:

This is the end of the article about the change! We hope we helped you answer the question: how to change the system language in Windows 10?

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