Microsoft Office 2016 License Key Windows 10

Not so long ago the most popular package in Russia was 99% pirated. Now buyeasier and, in some cases, is not much more expensive than to search anddownload the left at the risk of downloading also a whole bunch of virusesand Trojans. The most necessary thing invented by Bill Gates, is a set ofOffice programs. If you have a good understanding, personal computers werecreated not games, and not for complex engineering calculations, but themost necessary auxiliary actions: Writing documents, creating tables andworking with e-mail.

These elements are necessary any user of all computers in the world. And itwas the "Window Company" that created the standard, which is used by morethan 90% of users. If someone uses free opens, they use them not from agood life, and at the first opportunity returns to the convenient, and allknown, "good old" from Microsoft.

As before, by displaying a new of its products, Microsoft closes the saleof the previous, and now distributed two versions of the office package "Mo365" and "Mo 2016". But if you go to the site of the manufacturer, you finda strange thing-almost all space is advertising version "365". To the priceon the manufacturer's website should scour the links and buttons, findthere the only option the price, and only after passing a few links to finda choice of picking. In short, it is more difficult to a product than inhttps://altonkey.com-type distribution stores. By the way, thesedistributors have very cheap options installation, which can afford evenpoor students. For example, the Professional Plus option is just over $10and you already. Has no cardinal differences in the interface fromprevious, which is very convenient-all the old buttons, panels and menusare left in place, no "relearning" is required. The main changes areimprovements and additions to the existing functions.

The list of editors and programs remains unchanged. MS Word text editor,Excel spreadsheet Editor, OneNote Organizer, Outlook mail client, One Drivecloud storage. You can install only these MS Office 2016 base editors tothe same such as the PowerPoint Presentation Wizard and the Accessdatabase, and add them to your package later. It's going to be moreexpensive, but what you're going to do. Retail is more expensive bulkeverywhere and always.


Let's understand the changes in detail. One of the most significantimprovements in the new version is the convenience of cloud work. Fewpeople store their photos, videos, music on the hard disk of the computer.It's much easier to do it in the cloud. To put photos everyone in oneplace, personal photos-in other, closed video only itself-in the third. Nowit's time the paperwork. Thanks to the cloud in the new word, it ispossible to work on a document in real time, you can work alone or in agroup. In the cloud, you can see which change you made, even within asingle paragraph. It is possible to work with a stylus. If you are workingon a tablet, or you have a touch monitor, you can write text on the screen.Word handle and rewrite the written text in print.

A very important element is an intelligent search. Just hover your mouseover the word in the document, and the system find you the information. Andyou do not fall the entire internet, Word, analyzing the document, willshow only wha suit the meaning.


It's easier to work with Outlook Mail service. Now to find the rightletter, you do not have to scour each folder separately-it can be done inthe entire box at once. Everyone who receives many letters from differentsources will immediately understand the convenience of this innovation.

Another bonus appears when you send a letter. The application willautomatically prompt you to attach to the written letter, the document youhave just worked on. Do not search the entire file system "where is itsaved".


The new version of Excel, one of the most popular applications Microsofthas become more convenient and those who work with tables constantly, andnot very confident users. If you want, you can work in the old way. Again,all the previous functions remained unchanged, in the same place, with thesame menu. But now the Quick analysis button has appeared. It will help youto edit the information quickly, find the appropriate formula, calculateand form a chart. The diagrams themselves have become much larger, all ofthem are now interactive.


The new package has a new application-Sway. Need if you need to quicklymake a spectacular presentation. Students certainly should be interested inthem. The main function is to present information from different sourcesquickly and beautifully. In the app, you just add everything you think youneed: pictures, videos and text. The program itself, analyzing theinformation, all competently link and formalize.

Also there were minor changes, not even in the color scheme of the package,but in the possibility to change the light gamma. Instead of the classiccolor scheme, you can choose light gray or dark. This is done specificallyusers with visual impairments.

At last, of course we can not say about

As before, the package has different of the layout. This time the divisiongoes under the naming "for home and Business" and "for home and study".

The is not subject to upgrade. Unlike the "365" version, which will takeinto account all the changes and innovations that are not yet, but willsoon be, in the version "2016", in the case of updates the to pay again.But it may be the better – everyone who has ever worked with old versions,knows how unpleasant it is to turn on the computer, see an unfamiliar ofthe program. Especially in the midst of a complex and lengthy project. Soit is quieter when you know that the program will never update, therefore,will not change.

Therefore, if you decide to choose this package, think about what you needand select the desired option. By the way, you can download a short trialversion and immediately install the basic suite of Office 2016 firmware acan redeem a little later