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For every Internet user, the issue of protecting your computer from malicious files is paramount. There are risks involved in downloading files from the Internet, and most importantly there is the risk of disrupting the normal operation of a personal computer. In fact, the only way to keep yourself safe from the trouble of having your operating system infected with viruses is to install reliable software. Antivirus is a special software to protect your computer or laptop from Trojans, spam and phishing. Among all known programs of this category, Kaspersky stands out especially. It is a proven and capable of providing your PC with effective protection. To take advantage of the benefits of the software, just download Kaspersky for free and install it on your computer.

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Kaspersky 2021 is a proven solution for home use. Specialists have been very positive about the product, as evidenced by the various awards for Experts are very positive about it, which is backed up by various awards for Best Antivirus of the Year. It's really reliable and secure software that detects viruses depending on how they are packaged.

A built-in Security Network prevents you from visiting potentially unsafe sites. It also prevents you from clicking on broken links that could pose a security risk to your data. You won't be able to click on links that are broken and could pose a specific risk to your data. The beauty of Security Network protection is that you can install it on an infected computer. In order to do that you need to download Kaspersky installer and perform its initialization.

The software is divided into three fundamentally different products:

  • Anti-Virus - provides basic protection, the optimal choice for Windows 10
  • Internet-Security - Strong information and financial security for Windows 10, Mac, Android
  • Total Security - Maximum operating system protection, parental controls and childproofing from unwanted content

Controls passwords, information, blocks banners, detects spyware and creates lists of trusted lists of trusted web resources. In a word, it's a powerful barrier against Trojans and other viruses that can penetrate your computer if you regularly surf the Internet. Internet on a regular basis.

Basic feature set includes the following protections:

  • from worms, trojans
  • from intrusive ad banners
  • from hidden dead links
  • from phishing and spam
  • Anti crypto-Trojans
  • from screen blockers

It's easy to use because it comes with ready-made solutions. Users just need to download the official installer and install it. program is ready to use. Signatures databases are updated automatically. Users can adjust the settings to meet their requirements. user requirements.

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The installer is completely in Russian. You will not have any problems with installation and setup of antivirus. The menu is intuitive and the interface of the software is comfortable work. You can download the distribution package Kaspersky 2020 on our site. You are guaranteed to get powerful and reliable protection for your computer. Free 30 day trial period is provided for each Free period of 30 days is provided for each user. After this period, it is necessary to buy a license key to keep Windows x32, x64 protected. The latest version of this famous security software provides protection without slowing down your computer or laptop.

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