Article about activating Windows 10 by Phone

Windows 10 activation by phone.

One of the few legal ways that you can conduct with a Microsoft product, i.e. confirming the legitimacy of the product, is to activate Windows 10 over the phone.

If you were unable to activate it online right away or have errors, activating Windows 10 Pro by phone may help!

The activation operation for different versions (editions) of Windows 10 is the same for all, even if it's Home or (Pro) Professional as well as for Enterprise solutions.

If you don't have an activation code then you can Windows 10 buy activation key on our site for a discounted price!

Select how you want to Activate?

  1. Need to disable Internet:

    • Hover over the Windows icon Windows 10 Icon
    • And right click
    • Select «Network Connections»

  2. After entering the settings, click on «Network and Sharing Center»

  3. «Remember connection name» and click as shown here:

  4. Right-click and click disable:

    Now our computer's internet is off!

  5. Go to «Home»:

  6. Find the «Update and Security» tab and click on it:

  7. Click on: Change product key

  8. Enter the license code and click next:

  9. Confirm activation:

  10. This error appears:

    Don't worry! The key has been installed!


  11. Click the button:

    «Activate by phone»

  12. Select your country and click «Next»

  13. In this window we see the following data:

    You need to call this number:


    The operator will pick up the phone ROBOT.

    Follow the scenario below:

    1. Listen and click – 2
    2. To Activate Windows click on – 1
    3. Activate Windows 10 click – 1
    4. Without updating, click – 2
    5. No key — 2 (Though it's strange)
    6. No error code — 2
    7. You are now at your PC and the activation window is open — 1
    8. May ask you «On how many quantities this key is entered» press – 0

  14. After entering these data, you will be prompted to enter «ID – Confirmations» From the block A To H

    Input them one by one

    Note that the robot speaks numbers very quickly!

    After entering ID – Confirmations click: Windows Activation

  15. Complete the activation!


If you are sure you have the key then follow the instructions.

How do I open the command line?

  1. Run the command line as Administrator
    1. Click on «Loop»
    2. Enter the word in English cmd
    3. Right-click the mouse
    4. Select «Run as administrator».
  2. After opening it, write this command:

    In place of XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, put your license key!


    After that, you will see a window telling you that the key you entered was successfully installed into the system.

    You will see that the key you entered was successfully installed into the system.

  3. Enter the command:


    slui 4

  4. An activation window will appear and ask us to choose our country.

    Select Our Country and click Next

  5. .
  6. After that you will be shown the next window, there will be two numbers, one free and one paid.

    Call the number:


    A robot will pick up the phone and talk a lot (you can't miss it)!

    Then we do what it says:

    1. Listen and press - 2 (Refuse to record the conversation)
    2. Click — 1
    3. Activate Windows 10 by clicking — 1
    4. Without updating, click — 2
    5. No key — 2 (although it's strange)
    6. No error code — 2
    7. You are now at your PC and the activation window is open — 1;

    May also ask:
    Enter the number of times this product key has been installed write «0»

  7. You will be asked to enter «ID installations» This is «installation code», consists of 9 blocks.

    You have to enter these numbers to the robot from your phone. (Stroke red)

    Then, after entering all the numbers, press the button:

    «Enter the confirmation code»

  8. Listen carefully (robot speaks quickly) the robot will dictate to you the answer numbers, you will need to enter them in blocks from

    A up to H

    We enter the numbers one column at a time:

    After all the steps, click «Activate Windows»...

  9. If everything is done correctly, you will see a window like this:

Thank you for reading this article!

We hope that the question: How to activate Windows 10 by phone is solved!

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19 Apr 2023
It didn't work.
0 / 4
15 Apr 2023
Thank you for what you are!)
4 / 0
05 Feb 2023
Thank you
0 / 0
02 Feb 2023
through the console the first time and everything is clear
0 / 0
22 Jan 2023
It worked, but the second time the first code did not work with the seller entered another code and everything worked.
0 / 0
05 Jan 2023
The key did not work. Deception.
0 / 0
03 Jun 2023
Hello, it looks like you bought the key on Ali'shka, we don't sell it there. Write to us: order@altonkey.com
07 Dec 2022
Everything is great. Thanks!
2 / 1
04 Dec 2022
Just super! Everything works)))))
2 / 1
07 Oct 2022
All is well, the activation went smoothly, thank you!
3 / 4
30 Sep 2022
Fucking hell of course???? but it really worked
2 / 5
03 Aug 2022
Damn finally managed to activate Windows 10, thank you. And in other sources, another version of what the robot says
2 / 3
27 Jul 2022
Activated it over the phone fine, everything works
2 / 3

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