Article about activating Windows 10 by Phone

Activation of Windows 10 by Phone method 2021

One of several legal ways that can be done with a Microsoft product, i.e. confirmation of the legality of the product is to activate windows 10 byto the phone.

If you can't activate it online right away or you have errors, you can get help activating Windows 10 Pro over the phone!

Operation of activation for different versions (editions) of Windows 10 is the same for all, although it is Home or (Pro) Professional, as well as for Enterprise solutions.

But the keys are different accordingly.

If you do not have an activation code, you can Buy Windows 10 activation key on our website at a discounted price!

Choose how you want to Activate?

If you're sure you have a key then follow the instructions.

How to open the command line?

  1. Run the command line on behalf of the Administrator.
    1. Click on «Lupe»
    2. Enter word in English: cmd
    3. Click with right mouse button
    4. Select «Run as administrator»
  2. Write this command after opening:


    (where «XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX» is your key).

    After that a window will appear that the entered key has been successfully installed in the system.
  3. Let's bring in the team:

    slui 4

  4. An activation window will open and ask us to select our country.

    Choose, Our Country and click next

  5. After that you will be shown the next window, there will be two rooms one free and the other paid.

    Call by number:


    Tube will be taken by the robot and will talk a lot (you can't miss it)!

    Farther away we do as it says:

    1. Hear and click - 2 (Undo recordings)
    2. Activate Press - 1
    3. Activate Windows 10 press - 1
    4. With no update press - 2
    5. No key - 2 (strange though)
    6. No error code - 2
    7. Behind the PC now and the activation window is open - 1;

    It might as well ask:
    Enter the number to which this product key was set enter - «0»

  6. You will be asked to enter «find installation», this is the «installation code», which consists of 9 blocks.

    It is necessary to enter these numbers to the robot from the phone. (Summary red)

    After entering all digits, press the button:

    «Enter confirmation code»

  7. Listen carefully ( robot speaks quickly) robot will dictate to you response numbers, they will need to be entered into blocks from A to H

    Enter numbers one column at a time:

    Click on «Activating Windows» after all actions.

  8. If everything is done correctly, you will see a window like this:

System activated!

  1. We need to turn off the Internet:
    • Point at the Windows icon Windows 10 Icon
    • Click the right mouse button
    • Select «Network connections»

  2. After moving to the parameters click «Network and Sharing Center»
  3. «Remember the connection name» and click as shown here:
  4. Right-click and click to turn it off:

    The internet of our computer is off!

  5. Click on «Home»
  6. Find the «Update and Security» tab and click on it:
  7. Click on:
    Change the product key
  8. Enter the license code and click on next:
  9. Confirm activation:
  10. There's going to be a mistake like this:

    Do not worry! The key is installed in the system!

    Close up!

  11. Push the button:

    «Activate by phone»

  12. Choose your country and click «Next»:
  13. On this window, we'll see this kind of data:

    You need to call this number:

    +1855-801-0109 (Example For USA)

    Tube will be taken by the operator ROBOT!

    Still following the scenario below:

    1. Hear and click - 2
    2. To Activate Windows click - 1
    3. Activate Windows 10 press - 1
    4. With no update press - 2
    5. No key - 2 (Weird though)
    6. No error code - 2
    7. Find your PC now and the activation window is open - 1
    8. May ask you «How many times this key has been entered» press - 0

  14. After entering these data you will be asked to enter «ID - Confirmations» From A to H

    Enter them one by one

    Note that the robot says numbers very quickly!

    After input ID - Confirmations click: «Activating Windows»

  15. Completing activation!

Windows 10 Activated!

Thank you for reading this article!

We hope the question: How to activate Windows 10 by phone is solved!

Comments (3)

05 Feb 2021
No activation window opens after entering the slui 4 command
3 / 10
01 Oct 2020
It all worked out. Good instruction, short and to the point.
0 / 3
09 Jul 2020
Thanks!Activated by phone Windows 10 according to your instructions!
2 / 10

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