Downloading and Offline Installation of Microsoft Office 2019

Instruction on how to install Office 2019 offline on your computer.

For example, in this article, let's download and install Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus and the operating system Windows 10 Home.

Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus Buy Activation Key: https://altonkey.com/en/microsoft-office/ms-office-2019/office-2019-pro-plus

Let's follow the link: https://altonkey.com/en/downloads/microsoft/office/office-2019-dl/dl-office-2019-pro-plus Download Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus Offline Installer

  1. Click the big Download Free button.
  2. Select «Second» option from the list

After downloading «Press 2 times» to connect the image (iso/img):

In the image folder, start the installation by pressing 2 times and confirming «Yes»:

Waiting for apps to complete the installation on your PC:

Offline installation of MS Office 2019 is done! We can click close:

Do we think we've answered the question: how to install Office 2019 Professional Plus Offline?

Activation of Office 2019 key Onlinehttps://altonkey.com/en/guides/ms-office/activate-office2019-online

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