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The project called ESET NOD32 is a set of innovative programs to protect your personal computer. This product can be considered one of the oldest on the Internet. The first NOD software was released for MS-DOS, and only in 1998 the first Windows version appeared. During more than twenty years of its activity the company has won many prestigious programs and gained popularity among a great number of computer users. On our website every user has an opportunity to download ESET installer for free in order to provide his personal computer or laptop with modern means of protection against viruses.

Features of ESET NOD32

ESET is like any other anti-virus, designed to scan your system, searching for viruses, trojans, worms and their removal. And modern solutions allow scanning for malware on different Windows versions, including the latest Windows 10. By constantly introducing new tools and abilities, the program gets better every time. After installing antivirus on Windows 10, you can remain confident that your system is properly protected. And the scanning even takes place in real time: the program will not allow you to go to a site with malicious content and will block potentially unsafe traffic. All you need to do to ensure a high level of protection at home is to download the ESET NOD32 distribution package.

The main features of the software are worth highlighting:

  • additional security module capable of evaluating the security level of an application;
  • Controls connected devices
  • increased anti-phishing capabilities
  • intelligent mode that tracks the user's online activity.

According to numerous studies the product has no equal in the speed of scanning system files. Thus, ESET NOD32 outperforms its main competitors in this and other performance indicators. This also includes the quality of detection of malicious files infecting the computer system. The developer pays increased attention to signature updates. Thousands of new modifications of malware aimed at stealing users' confidential information appear every day. If you intend to take advantage of these benefits, all you have to do is to download the Eset installer.

Benefits of using ESET NOD32

What are the benefits of using a time-tested product? First and foremost, it has an excellent set of features and tools for online threat prevention. Fast and accurate threat detection is the most significant benefit of the product. Its high efficiency has been confirmed by the advanced Virus Bulletin VB100 laboratory. But before you download the free Eset Nod32 installer, you need to know how the antivirus application works. You can use the free trial period, but at the end of it you will need a license key to further protect your computer from external threats. Each visitor can purchase a license key in our online store.

Separately, ESET NOD32 is a good solution if you do a lot of shopping on the Internet. The program is designed to make secure payments by using a special module that blocks user data interception. With this product you will be sure of data protection on your computer or laptop with Windows 10 x32, x64 and won't have any problems with losing important payment information.

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