Error - Your Windows license is expiring

The solution to the activation problem «Your Windows license is expiring»

The error window, «Your Windows license is expiring» is coming to the forefront on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and 8.

Let's look at why this issue is occurring and how do I fix this warning?

Shot of «Your Windows license is expiring» error in Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

Causes of this error window:

  • You have changed the hardware on your PC and most likely it is changing the motherboard. In this case, changing the hardware may cause Windows activation to fail.
  • If you've used pirate activators to bypass "legal" activation, for example KMS-activator. Not only may these activators pose security risks to your operating system, but they are not a safe way to activate Windows 10, especially if you have an antivirus program that considers KMS activators as malware and removes their changes to the system registry.
  • Use of questionable (pirate/MSDN) license codes. Which you found on the Internet and typed it into the system, Microsoft often blocks such keys, it's not a 100% licensing method.
  • You have installed from a non-original (pirated/broken) distribution, ISO image or assembly, with a pre-activated system. We warning you and strongly recommend not to use pirate builds of Windows 10, because your data will get to third party.
  • After installing the operating system you have not activated it within 30 days. Т. к. корпорация Microsoft даёт ограниченное время для ознакомления с системой.

Fix problem:

The only valid option is to use the original licensing key, so you don't have this error in the future. Buy activation keys for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 in our store! Fast Shipping Email Activation Keys, immediately upon payment.

If you are 100% sure you have the key, contact "Microsoft" support. And ask them for "Remote ActivationKey on your device!
Learn more about Microsoft technical support:

Microsoft Windows 10 Buy activation key:

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Buy activation key:

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