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Avast! Internet Security (1 year)
Description of Avast Internet SecurityThe anti-virus Avast Internet Security which can be installed on the personal computer with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 versions has been developed for full and safe use of a home network and also it is compatible t..
1 200.00р.537.00р.
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AVG Internet Security (1-Year)
Buy AVG Internet Security 2018-A powerful set of programs to comprehensively protect your computer against all the dangerous Internet threats, including viruses, worms, Trojans, spies, advertising, hackers and spam.The main features of AVG Internet S..
1 990.00р.937.00р.
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Avg PC TuneUp is a set of useful applications with which you will be able to speed up the speed of your computer, clear it from unnecessary data, including extend AVG pc tuneup to buy the key lifetime of your computer.Main features of AVG PC Tuneup s..
1 190.00р.649.00р.
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ESET NOD32 Antivirus
ESET NOD32 Antivirus Solution-contains all the necessary components for basic protection of your computer against viruses, spyware, phishing sites and the control of removable media.Reliable protection of your data: software provides maximum protecti..
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ESET Smart Security (1 Year)
Antivirus nod32 Smart SecurityAntivirus programs are required to protect your computer. At the moment you can buy quite a lot of different protection variations from manufacturers, however, the most popular in the field of anti-virus protection is co..
1 990.00р.627.00р.
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Kaspersky Internet Security (1 Year)
One of the most erroneous opinions among computer users is that the free antivirus is similar to paid anti-virus products.On your home PC can and will be enough to install a simple free protection program, if it is constantly updated. But if it happe..
1 800.00р.989.00р.
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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional
Microsoft Office 2016 Professional is one of the most recent office Suite for PC, browser and smartphone. This package has a maximum of features that are needed by many now, and some will come in handy in the future.With this set of programs you can ..
32 799.00р.2 300.00р.
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Microsoft Office 365 Home (1 year) (Subscription)
Microsoft Office 365 For HomeUsing a computer at home is always a very important issue. Since we always choose only the best products for life , the same principle applies to PCs . We all know how well the quality of the work of programs and applicat..
4 399.00р.3 397.00р.
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Windows 10 Home
11 990.00р.1 579.00р.
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Minecraft (Java Version)
Super-popular indie game in genre sandbox with elements simulator survival open world, developed by Swedish programmer Marcus PersonMinecraftAmong fans computer special fame deservedly won Minecraft. This indie was created by Mojang in  sandbox ..
1 990.00р.1 700.00р.
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MordhauReleased in 2019, the game developer Triternion under the name Mordhau pleases planet. This is designed numerous users of the action of medieval themes from the first person. The main features of the game - in a wide functional combat The list..
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Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal kombat 11The legendary fighting, which fell in love with a quarter of a century ago, during the period of the first consoles and computer clubs. The new version includes favorite finishing and new techniques with the grinding of teeth and all ..
1 190.00р.1 117.00р.
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Office Professional Plus 2016
Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus is your reliable office and Home Helper, which contains a complete list of the most popular programs and applications. It is composed of simple editors (table + text), Image Manager, database management, Notepa..
25 990.00р.2 987.00р.
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Office Professional Plus 2016 ESD
Microsoft Office 2016 Professional is one of the most recent sets of office software for your PC, browsers, and smartphones.This package has the maximum features that are needed by many already now, and some come in handy in the future.With this set ..
32 799.00р.1 900.00р.
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Office Home AND Business 2016 (Electronic key
Key features of the Office suite: new and improved Outlook supporting push email notification, so you will always be aware of incoming messages.Corporate Chat Mode Ensures that messages with the same theme do not fall into the conversation that they ..
4 200.00р.3 279.00р.
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Office Home and Student 2016 (Electronic key)
The best option working with documents, in comparison price / quality. These elements are necessary  any user of all computers in the world.The most necessary thing, invented by Bill Gates, is a set of office programs. If you properly understand..
4 990.00р.2 857.00р.
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Office 2019 Home AND Student
Microsoft office 2019 for home and schoulThe modern world requires from a person quick decisions and quick processing of any information . That is why today almost in every home there is a personal computer , which is designed not only for entertainm..
5 499.00р.2 987.00р.
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Account with Office 365 (Lifetime Subscription) [1 year]
Microsoft Office 365 Perpetual - erase facets and conventionsIt's hard to find a more popular software product than Microsoft Office. He made life easier for millions of people who have forgotten forever about typewriters, rulers and pencils, complex..
3 499.00р.753.00р.
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Office 365 Personal (Subscription)
Microsoft Office 365 Personal - your personal guide to the world of digital opportunities.Modern computer is difficult to imagine without the programs Word or Excel , which we once gave l Microsoft Office . They helped to solve the most complex tasks..
3 290.00р.2 357.00р.
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Rage 2
Rage 2The game Rage 2 is a product of Id Software, Avalanche Studios, which became the second part of the open world joker, in which all actions take place in the first person. They say that this is not just a continuation of the previous version, bu..
1 999.00р.1 777.00р.
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Total War: Three kingdoomsBefore you, it is worth learning more about what this game is about. Despite the fact that at the moment the strategy does not occupy a leading position in popularity, it continues to hold the brand. On the Internet, the gam..
1 999.00р.1 799.00р.
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Windows 10 Professional (Electronic key)
Windows 10 Professional is the latest and more advanced version of Microsoft's operating system. When it was created, the developer took into account all shortcomings and errors of previous versions.Windows 10 Pro is a combination of the best feature..
18 990.00р.2 573.00р.
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Avast Premier (1-Year / 1-PC)
Program description and benefits of Avast Premier antivirus 2018/2019Computer protection against malware and all kinds of viruses is in the first place, so for personal security PC users install antivirus program. In our online store you can at an af..
1 950.00р.597.00р.
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