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<p>Microsoft Office 365 Personal is a great way to subscribe to a Microsoft Office suite of products at a reduced cost, designed for a single user.</p><p><strong>Description of the Microsoft Office program of 365 personal</strong></p><p>The Microsoft company especially for work at office or houses has released the new software product for installation on the personal computer &ndash; Microsoft Office of 365 Personal combining a complete set of web services, applications and programs which allow to carry out various operations with file documents. Microsoft Office 365 Personal extends on the basis of a subscription which works according to the scheme &quot;services + ON&quot;.</p><p>To estimate all system opportunities of this product, it is necessary personal to subscription for 1 year or month, and it can be stopped or prolonged at any time. Set opens for the user access to the main products and services which work at the platform Microsoft Office. Thanks to expanded functionality this product allows to operate documents.</p><p><img src="" style="width:100%" /></p><p><strong>Requirements to installation</strong></p><p>Microsoft Office of 365 Personal can install on one computer, the tablet or the smartphone, at the same time 1 TB memories in cloudy storage OneDrive are provided to the user.</p><p>The program is compatible to such OS:</p><ul><li>Windows Phone;</li><li>Android;</li><li>Microsoft Windows;</li><li>iOS и OS X.</li></ul><p>The basic package includes ON for work with different documents: tables, schemes, to texts and databases.</p><p><strong>Features of a subscription of Office 365 Personal</strong></p><p>The subscription to Office 365 Personal can be bought cheap and at the same time to receive set of applications for work with documents at office or at home on the personal computer. The subscription includes a standard set of useful programs: Outlook, the Word, Eksel, PowerPoint, Access and OneNote. Plus to everything, the user receives as a gift 60 minutes on calls by Skype and 20 gigabytes of memory in OneDrive.</p><p>Among the main features of a subscription to Office 365 Personal it should be noted:</p><ul><li>to sale the monthly or annual subscription is available, at the same time it is possible to extension at the request of office 365 personal and to continue to take all advantages of this set of package data;</li><li>the subscription can be disconnected at any time;</li><li>the program is installed only on one personal computer;</li><li>the subscription includes full-function versions of the main applications from the Microsoft company. Besides they are updated and complemented every month with new options;</li><li>free technical support for the period of a subscription which can use by phone or a chat.</li></ul><p><strong>Main opportunities of Office 365</strong></p><p>To begin to work with documents and the computer from any country, it is necessary to activation key which will be sent on e-mail. Thanks to existence of a big package of applications (Outlook, Excel, Word and so on) can carry out different operations with documents and files, namely:</p><ul><li>Edit;</li><li>Scan;</li><li>Change;</li><li>Copy;</li><li>Create new documents.</li></ul><p>All this can be done on the tablet, the computer, the laptop and even in the smartphone. The only condition &ndash; they have to work at the Android OS, Windows 10 or iOS. A subscription to Office 365 which price available, automatically lasts until you don&#39;t disconnect her. From Microsoft carry to additional opportunities of the software product 3D in Microsoft Office applications which allows to realize the creative abilities and to improve visual perception of the report, any document or the presentation. Thanks to existence of the 3D function it is possible to create the present work of art in three-dimensional measurement. At will the user can insert three-dimensional models from the personal computer or from Remix 3D.</p><p>At the disposal of the subscriber there will be latests version of all applications created for work with documents and also instant access to them at any time. On the Internet it is possible on to the license as only the licensed products don&#39;t harm operation of portable devices and ensure full functioning of the computer.</p><p>Carry to the main opportunities of this software product:</p><ol><li>Expanded functionality of formatting and editing documents which are specially optimized under mobile applications;</li><li>About office 365 personal it is possible to work on different devices, whether it be the personal computer, the smartphone, the tablet or the laptop.</li><li>Except a subscription as a pleasant bonus the user receives 60 minutes of free talks with the family on Skype.</li><li>All subscribers free of charge receive the help from specialists of the Microsoft company whom it is possible to call phone.</li></ol><p><strong>What new is added to Office 2016?</strong></p><p>In the updated version of this software product many new opportunities have appeared. For example, in PowerPoint there is a convenient designer who allows to insert into the picture presentation and also he provides a set of interesting decisions for execution of original documents. Also there was a new type of transition to PowerPoint by means of which it is possible to create smooth animation and transitions between objects. Carry elements, charts, text files and figures to them. Thanks to transformation the user will see unique opportunities of animation elements.</p><p>Pleasant addition is intellectual search of the data which is carried out on the Bing platform. With his help it is possible to select the separate words and the whole phrases on which there is a search in network, and directly in operating time to the document. In Office 365 there is a convenient assistant who is specially created for search of the necessary teams even if the user has forgotten the exact name of specific team. For this purpose it is necessary to come into the Word and to enter the name into a command line. It is possible to work in the Office applications, together with other users and on the Internet. Thanks to it it is possible to work on one project in team if it is in a cloud.</p><p>In conclusion it should be noted that tariff plans of a subscription to Office 365 are calculated on different categories of users &ndash; office staff, freelancers and heads of large corporations. Full work will require the computer, the browser and compatible to office package of the OS applications.</p><p>Download Office 365 personal image for installation:</p><p></p>

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