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Main specifications
All specifications
Delivery: To Email
Platform: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
Language: All language
Activation territory: Russia, CIS, and Georgia
Validity: 1 Year

Have you thought about increasing your productivity and starting to work more efficiently? I'm sure you have, if you're looking for Microsoft Office 365 Personal. It provides you with the latest applications for working with text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases. After downloading the distribution package and purchasing a license, all effective tools for work and study will be initialized on your device.

You will have the opportunity to work even in the absence of the Internet. All you need to do is buy an activation key for Microsoft Office 365 Personal. This package includes the ability to install the software on one computer running Winds 10, on one Windows tablet, smartphone running Android or iOS. That is, you can work virtually from anywhere in the world.

Capabilities and benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Personal

This product gives you a feeling of freedom and does not bind you to a particular job. With 1TB of free memory, the OneDrive cloud storage lets you instantly share files, documents, videos and photos.

After subscribing, you get a set of office programs such as:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Publisher

The one-year version activated can be installed on any laptop, MacOS or Windows 10 computer. As a bonus Microsoft Corporation gives 60 minutes of free talks in the Skype application. Thus, by buying a license key Microsoft Office 365 Personal, you will create all the necessary conditions for productive work around you. Microsoft Office 365 Personal is your personal guide to the world of digital technology. You can install office programs on any computer - it can be a 32-bit, 64-bit version of the operating system. All the functionality of MS Office will be available even if you do not have the Internet. The most important thing is updates, additional modules are installed automatically. The user only needs to confirm the action, the system will do the rest on its own.

Activating Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Naturally, in order to use a full-fledged licensed product, you must first buy an Office 365 Personal activation key. The activation process is quite simple and does not require any unnecessary actions from the user. It is enough to pay for the purchase, get an ESD electronic key to your mailbox, initialize the downloaded official distribution and enter the code in a special window. Subscription on our site is offered at a tangible discount. It is unlikely that you can find a license key even cheaper than on our site.

Doing all the right things, you'll get unlimited opportunities, you can start working and learn more productively. Make your life even more creative, secure and organized by installing all the most important programs on your computer, laptop or tablet. All this will be possible, just buy Microsoft 365 Personal. Use the latest tools and technologies of MS Office, which will be available to you as soon as they appear. With a useful scheduler and calendars, it's now easy to keep track of meeting schedules, family holidays, and children's school schedules. And with all this, you'll be accompanied by professional technical support. At any moment you can ask for help - and you will definitely get help.

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Common to digital
Delivery To Email
Platform Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
Language All language
Activation territory Russia, CIS, and Georgia
Validity 1 Year
The format of the license ESD
Number of devices 1 piece
Brand Microsoft
Program type Office program
Model Personal
MS Office Yes
Installation instructions:

The detailed installation is described on our website to read it by clicking on the link:

Activation Guide:

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