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Activation: Entering the key into the program
Delivery: To Email
Platform: Windows
Language: All Languages
Validity: 1 Year

Many users are faced with the fact that sometimes they can not install the usual anti-virus on their PC because of the presence of a complex infection on the device, which blocks the installation of the anti-virus.

The program is considered popular in the world of computer users who can take advantage of free cleaning.

In case there is a need for an effective and reliable check and clean the computer for commercial purposes, you should buy malwarebytes anti malware premium (mbam).

This paid contains real-time protection, which makes the program a complete solution for protection against viruses.

If you have previously installed the Pro version on your PC, you can upgrade your Premium license while keeping for an unlimited period of time.

Malwarebytes Premium 4 features an updated and user-friendly interface, as well as effective usage improvements.

Both free and paid versions have almost no different control functions. The only difference is that in the free version of Premium these features are not active.

Cleaning infected SOFTWARE

If you decide, then you need to know that this version has a similar with free features cleaning your PC from existing on the device infections.

Malwarebytes is a small company, the main of which is distributed among users for free, so the company spends its limited budget rationally.

The company has already gained 100 % in the ongoing tests for malware cleaning. The antivirus was able to block all existing threats and remove all traces of them.

Many antivirus vendors offer users a special drive against existing threats that blocks the installation of an antivirus program or system scan.

Malwarebytes does not need it, the program is able to successfully remove even the most stable malware, block the installation of known anti-virus products.

The Anti-Malware program is considered one of the most effective snails to detect and remove spyware, virus OR malware on your PC.

This is able to save the user from annoying advertising banners, spyware on the PC, etc. Perfectly compatible with other antivirus software, being an effective addition to them.

The most significant functions of the program can be called:

  • check all sites that are running for malware in real time;
  • Express scan mode;
  • delayed scan mode;
  • preparation of SOFTWARE analysis program, etc.

Activation Of Anti-Malware

From Malwarebytes activation key for Premium version can be purchased on our website, the license will be valid after purchase for one year.

Not so long ago, users have the opportunity to purchase a key to activate Anti-Malware for free. This is available through a specially organized action to prevent users from interacting with pirated software when distributing the SOFTWARE.

Anti-Malware is a professional version of the product to detect and eliminate malicious software that other anti-viruses could not see. Powerful, yet flexible enough to interface the program with greatly reduced consumption of system resources like any user. The kit includes a set of keys with which activation will be successful and fast, while the product will be updated regularly.

The advantages of the filter and safety scanner can be called:

  • regular updates of the anti-virus program database;
  • ability to move suspicious files to quarantine;
  • special ability to collect selected files in a separate list;
  • simple settings aimed at improving the speed;
  • even if there are other anti-virus programs, there will be no problems with activation or use;
  • ability to run from the command line;
  • possibility to enter in the menu for quick access to the selected data scanning;
  • the interface is designed for 30 language sets, including, provides work in Russian;
  • the possibility of introducing a malicious file in the blacklist;
  • ability to receive full reports on all blocked malicious sites.

Key allows you to check your PC for infected files both manually and automatically. At the same time, if you do not need to check all the files and disks of the PC, you can choose exactly those that need to be checked. In addition to the files, the antivirus checks the RAM, any startup and other equally important areas of the OS.

Protection against malicious links

Web protection is available only in the Premium version of the product. The component completely blocks access to known infected sites. Anti-virus manufacturers claim that this function is used to complement existing browser protection products and the main anti-virus program. Web protection focuses on blocking domains and individual network blocks by IP address, rather than blocking some links. This allows you to sometimes block visits even to unknown malicious sites.

Several malicious sites were used to test this web protection feature. Testing has shown that when it begins to work in an antivirus: when you open the site, in the process of downloading files, or directly after download. Testing will continue until more than 100 cases with working links are established. Does not scan new files, the product waits until the user activates them.


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Common to digital
Activation Entering the key into the program
Delivery To Email
Platform Windows
Language All Languages
Validity 1 Year
Number of devices 1
Brand Malwarebytes
Model Anti Malware Premium 3
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