Microsoft Office 365 For Windows 10 Lifetime License Account - 5 Pk(Devices), 5 Tb

Microsoft Office 365 For Windows 10 Lifetime License Account - 5 Pk(Devices), 5 Tb
Microsoft Office 365 For Windows 10 Lifetime License Account - 5 Pk(Devices), 5 Tb
Microsoft Office 365 For Windows 10 Lifetime License Account - 5 Pk(Devices), 5 Tb
Microsoft Office 365 For Windows 10 Lifetime License Account - 5 Pk(Devices), 5 Tb
Microsoft Office 365 For Windows 10 Lifetime License Account - 5 Pk(Devices), 5 Tb
Microsoft Office 365 For Windows 10 Lifetime License Account - 5 Pk(Devices), 5 Tb
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Activation:On office.com
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The format of the license:Account
Number of devices:5

Microsoft Office 365 Perpetual - erase facets and conventions

It's hard to find a more popular software product than Microsoft Office. He made life easier for millions of people who have forgotten forever about typewriters, rulers and pencils, complex mathematical formulas. All this required considerable mental and physical costs. With the development of digital technology, the computer has become for us a unique solution to any problem. And ms office from Microsoft is the right hand in this business. During the years of development, the product has undergone many changes and adaptations, and now you can not only work in it, but also create your own templates, online catalogs, etc. But many users do not fully appreciate all of its advantages, since they often use hacked archives with many limitations. The Pro Plus package solves trouble with licenses in a few minutes.

Choice for everyone

Buy Office 365 for Windows 10 - it means giving preference to quality work on a PC with great functionality. Doing tasks in Word or Excel has never been so easy and complete. And all this is possible for the following reasons:

  • The presence of an experimental set of optimized applications with enhanced functionality that hundreds of thousands of people have already appreciated.
  • A unique chance to use one account for five devices of your choice. PC, laptop or tablet, at work or at home - now all necessary applications will be installed everywhere that you can use anywhere.
  • 5 thousand GB of cloud storage is an excellent solution for online exchange of electronic information between different PCs, without flash drives, disks and removable media that are lost and broken.
  • Sync in OneDrive. Get access to your numerous tables of 5 possible points. You no longer need to load yourself with thoughts of where to save this or that text. All that is needed is Internet access.
  • Improved interface for the modern "digital" person. Active life does not leave time for a long time to understand the software, so everything here is done in an intuitive format, however, great emphasis is placed on advanced functionality, so that everyone can find everything they need.

What is inside?

So, installing this product, you get:

  • Word is a modern editor;
  • Excel - an indispensable tool with tables;
  • PowerPoint - the creator of presentations and reports;
  • Outlook - personal communicator for interacting with mail and performing organizational tasks;
  • OneNote is ideal for notes and notes;
  • Publisher - your designer to create publications or booklets;
  • Access is a management solution for systematizing large amounts of traffic.

    How to purchase and install?

    Microsoft Office 365 is very easy to buy, but you should contact only the professionals. Otherwise there is a chance to fall for the scammers. On our website you can purchase an inexpensive package of a professional series from a developer and, of course, receive as a gift an impressive amount of virtual storage. All customers note that with us it is really possible to place a profitable order and even the search for lower prices ends to no avail. But even if you are lucky somewhere to find a package cheaper, we will compensate for the difference or make a discount.

    Skeptics will say that you can try to download everything from the torrent, but why suffer if the cost of the software is available to everyone.

    Four steps to use:

    • Pay for your purchase in a convenient way.
    • Receive an ESD license and key to the specified mail. In addition, each key is unique, that is, it is assigned to a specific account, so it is simply impossible to steal codes in any way.
    • After registration, enter on the company's website a new password and login, which it is advisable not to lose, since it will be impossible to change them, and you still have to go under them on 4 computers.
    • Download distributions and install on desired devices (32 bit 64 bit).
    • Account can be used with Mac OS, Windows 10 and earlier operating systems (x32 bits / x64 bits). With it you will feel all the advantages of the original programs, be able to receive stable updates and do it all without restrictions and on an ongoing basis.

    Office 365: buy a license and forget about problems

    Perpetual Office 365 is sought by many, but often they do not even understand why, paying tribute to fashion or following the advice of friends and colleagues. Professional users recommend getting it to anyone who at least once a day is forced to work with documents and organize their activities. Experts point out several main reasons why it is desirable to do this:

    • Thanks to the account and virtual storage, you can open any file in the form in which it remained after editing on another computer or laptop.
    • Availability of new tools, improved templates, including editing, format conversion and other developments.
    • Creating bright and unforgettable slides with Power Point, using and adding media files online to reports - all this allows you to make even the most boring conference live.
    • Operational analysis and selection of high-priority information using Excel charts of different formats.
    • Keeping documents in the cloud SkyDrive - quick access to important cases, notes and tables that can be easily shared with colleagues or loved ones.
    • Interact with your files using Office on Demand when you have access to the Internet.
    • Creating interesting multimedia content for performances in a variety of conditions (at school or in the office).
    • Keep all confidential information in a single place thanks to OneNote.
    • Excellent compatibility with Windows with all the ensuing consequences (use of the keyboard, touch screen, stylus, etc.)
    • No matter how clever the advice is, make your choice only to you. But, believe me, it is much nicer, safer and more profitable to drive your car than on a stolen car!

    Download the Office 365 installer:


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    ActivationOn office.com
    DeliveryTo Email
    LanguageAll language
    The format of the licenseAccount
    Number of devices5
    Program typeOffice program
    Warranty1 Год
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    Installation instructions:

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