How do I delete my activation key in Windows 10?

Delete the Windows 10 activation key

In the last article we wrote about activate Windows 10 by phone.

A reference to him:https://altonkey.com/en/blog/guides/windows/activation-windows-10-by-phone

But sometimes you need to give (sell) your PC, but do not want to give it the activated and installed Windows operating system.

Account with administrative privileges is required.

The key deletion procedure is not complicated!

You can deactivate Windows, but only in an account with administrator rights.


  1. Open a command line on behalf of the administrator:
    1. Hover over «Lupe»
    2. Enter word «cmd» in English
    3. «Right» mouse button
    4. Open from «Run As Administrator «
    Open command line
  2. Enter the team:
    slmgr /upk
    Enter slmgr /upk at the command line and remove Windows 10
  3. To completely remove the key from the system. you must also remove it from the registry!
    To do this, enter the command:
    slmgr /cpky
    Enter slmgr /cpky at the command line and remove from registry Windows 10
  4. Reset the activation timer:
    slmgr /rearm
    Enter slmgr /rearm at the command line and reset activation timer the Windows 10

After these actions you need to reboot your computer!

Check the complete removal of the license code by entering this command:

slmgr /dli

Enter a Command line: slmgr /dli check to remove key Windows 10

Then you can buy the Windows Activation Key 10 https://altonkey.com/en/microsoft-windows/windows-10 on ourwebsite and have no problems!

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