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Microsoft Office 2019 is considered to be a popular package for home and office work all over the world. As you know, Microsoft takes into account the needs and desires of differentcountries.This is why their products get several versions of editions. So the most popular version is Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus - the real one.The foundation for the workplace, a suite of applications with special business tools that are essential for the team to work even more efficiently and productively. That's whya large number of users looking for where to download Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus.

Microsoft office 2019 professional plus download
  • Office package version: Office 2019
  • Edition: Professional Plus
  • Size of the installer: 6 MB(online), 3.4GB(offline)
  • Interface language: Russian, English
  • Digit System: x32, x64
  • Exit date: 24 September 2018

System minimum requirements:

  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 2Gb
  • Video memory: 512 Mb
  • Free Places on Disk: 10G

What changes did MS Office 2019 Pro Plus get?

Office 2019 List of what is in the application package

The main change concerned the installation technology. Instead of the MSI installer, the "click and work" technology is now used to install most components of the software package.

And other fundamental changes should also be taken into account:

  • support for Windows 10 operating system only;
  • downloader directly from the Internet content delivery network;
  • Once the original distribution package has been downloaded, all MS Office 2019 apps are installed by default, but the user can configure and exclude notrequired programs;
  • The ability to automatically download and install updates from the Office CDN network: e.g. updates for bug fixes and system security.

If you decide to download Office 2019 Professional Plus, know that it includes Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and Skype for business. In general, it is a powerfulsettools for editing documents, creating tables, and making spectacular presentations. With the ability to insert images in SVG format, you can create unique and uniquepresentations.

This edition includes all the latest updates of MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel as well as Vision 2019 Professional and Project 2019 Professional. For example, in the text editor MS Wordimproved the design, the function of learning and converting speech into text. To create a vivid presentation, you can control three-dimensional images. Thus, the packageMicrosoft Office 2019 Professional Plus applications have become even more powerful and convenient, which is especially appealing to experienced users.

Key features of MS Office 2019 Pro Plus

Office 2019 List of what is in the application package

The biggest changes were made to OneNote: handwritten text, modern and intuitive user interface. This edition allows users to update their cards.contacts, references to support in Outlook. Download free Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus in 64-bit version. It is recommended for installation on a personal computer with4 GB of RAM or more. But it is worth to evaluate application compatibility and other factors. You can download the 32-bit installer of the application package for free if it isfits your version of Windows 10.

Here you will find both 32- and 64-bit. The distribution will perform a standalone installation of Office 2019 Pro Plus, which is perfectly compatible with x32-bit and x64-bitoperating systems.Windows. It is a universal solution for a multi-purpose audience of computer users. We offer to download Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus 64 bit, as well as buyA license key to activate office applications and work with them seamlessly and infinitely. In this way you will get a really powerful tool that allows you toBuild a clear and well-planned independent or group work.

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