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Before the appearance of the "seven" Microsoft Corporation usually issued two editions, which was quite enough to solve the problems of certain categories of users. With the release of Win 7, the situation has changed slightly. Different builds of the operating system differ among themselves in terms of options and functionality. Minimal features are provided by the Starter edition, extended features by the Professional edition. There is also a "Maximum" build, and if you want to download Windows 7 Maximum 64 bit, you are on the right page. Here you can download Windows 7 ISO image for free and install the OS on your computer.

Microsoft Windows 7 Maximum 64 bits Download
  • Producer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Version: Windows 7
  • Edit: Ultimate SP1(Max SP1)
  • Size: x32 - 2.5 GB, x64 - 3.3 GB;
  • Interface language: English, Multi-Language
  • Digit System: x32, x64

System minimum requirements:

  • Processor: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1Gb
  • Video memory: 512 Mb
  • Free Places on Disk: 16G
  • Edition date: 22 July 2009

Features Ultimate Edition

The "Ultimate" version includes almost everything that is in Windows 7, but it is focused primarily on the average computer user. It is distinguished by convenient and intuitive navigation on the desktop, quick program launch and search for the most frequently used documents and files.

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Desktop View

And other MS Windows 7 Ultimate benefits:

  • Comfortable Internet browsing with Internet Explorer 8 or 9.
  • Home group that makes it easy to create home networks and organize the connection of your computer to peripheral equipment.
  • Taking use of features that were available from the previous operating system - Windows XP.
  • The new BitLocker feature protects data and other sensitive information on your computer from unauthorized access.
  • Availability of over 35 languages, including English

If you want to significantly expand the software capabilities of your computer, then together with Home install the Ultimate assembly. It includes all the tools from the Professional, plus a lot of jewelry for enthusiasts and fans of digging into the depths of the operating system. At our website, it's easy to download Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and install it on your home computer. But let us note that in order to fully work with the product you need to purchase an activation key. You can also make a profitable purchase on our website.

Windows 7 Bit

Before downloading the original ISO image, the user needs to take into account the digit capacity of the system. There are different variants of writing the digit capacity, but most often it looks like Windows 7 X32. There is also an x64 digit, and another designation for a 32-bit x86 system.

Before you download the Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate ISO image, you should check out the following information:
  • x32-bit system does not support more than 4 GB of RAM: by installing 4 GB of RAM on a computer with 4 GB of RAM, in fact, the user will get even less as part of the memory will be reserved for proper operation of applications and peripherals;
  • x64-bit system supports over 4 GB of RAM, but is technically limited in some builds by the "seven"

If you have a powerful computer with RAM of 8-16 GB, you should definitely choose the 64-bit operating system. This way the user will be able to feel the increase in computer performance. That's why we recommend you to download Windsor 7 Max 64 bits for an efficient and comfortable work at home PC.

To further increase the efficiency of your computer, to improve security, it is recommended to install Service Pack 1. There were as many as three service packs for XP when there was only one service pack for the "seven" The Service Pack is downloaded and installed through the built-in "Update Center" or via the command line. By downloading Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit and installing the add-on, the user will be able to freely work with all popular graphic applications, text editors and other programs.

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