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Download Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem

Office suite of applications appeared in 2011 and has been released under the same name ever since. It includes a whole list of programs for working with text documents, tables, graphs and e-mail. In addition, with the help of Microsoft Office 365 Personal you can create presentations and databases. There is a cloud service and features for collaborative work on projects. Office 365 is a paid program for a digital subscription to use cloud services and office applications, but you can download Microsoft Office 365 Personal for free on our website.

Download Microsoft Office 365 Personal
Manufacturer:Microsoft Corporation

Product:Office 365

Size: 6 MB

Interface language: English

System Size: x32 / x64

Date of release: June 28, 2011

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor from: 2GHz or higher
  • Remote memory: 2GB and up
  • Video memory: 512 Mb
  • Hard Disk Space: 10GB and up
Microsoft Manufacturer LogoLicensed product only

What's in Microsoft 365 Personal

The package is provided as a web service and works on all major platforms, making it possible to use MS Office 365 on any device. This can be a personal computer on the Windows operating system, or a mobile device on Android or iOS. The package includes all known to users on previous versions of MS Office applications, as well as exclusive tools in the advanced tariff plans.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Subscription of programs included in Microsoft 365 Personal:

  • Microsoft Word is the best text editor that supports typewriting and voice typing, built-in intelligent spell checker, translation into other languages
  • Microsoft Excel - program for creating spreadsheets, mathematical calculations using special formulas
  • PowerPoint- if you download free Microsoft 365 Personal, you can get a powerful program to create colorful presentations with the help of a special constructor
  • Outlook - multifunctional service for working with calendar, work contacts, e-mail, works together with Skype;
  • OneDrive - Cloud storage for working on documents, it is possible to protect backups and restore them if necessary.

To start working with Office 365 Personal, you must download the original distribution. You will also need to purchase a license key to work with the product in full.

After that, the user will get a number of features:

  • Fast login to your account;
  • 1 TB of free space in cloud storage;
  • Table spreadsheet and presentation tools
  • regular automatic updates from Microsoft;
  • Synchronization and administration of commands.

All these features are available for 5 different computers as well as 5 mobile devices - tablets, smartphones. Download Office 365 Personal - the right solution for optimizing business projects, increasing productivity.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Personal

You will also need an account on the Microsoft website to use all of the features of the package. The user will get free access to online office applications, which is especially convenient when there is no technical possibility to work at home computer. Download Office 365 Personal is available for Windows 10 and you can install a local version on your computer.

Microsoft 365 Features

The package provides functionality and programs that are in demand among managers and managers of enterprises. You can work with documents from mobile devices and computers with not only Windows, but also MacOS. Also pay attention that now the package is renamed and has a new name Microsoft 365 Personal. We offer to download the original ISO image in Russian or the English version. We keep track of all software updates to ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft 365.

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