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Manufacturer Part Number:79P-05546, 79P-05552, 269-16801
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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus is your reliable office and HomeHelper, which contains a complete list of the most popular programs andapplications. It is composed of simple editors (table + text), ImageManager, database management, Notepad, communication client, etc.

Each of these applications combines a menu with a convenient set ofbuttons, which makes the work more simple and comfortable.

Before you decide to have, you must initially decide on your needs. Inorder to find the best version of the software, you need to know whatapplications are present in this package. In addition to standard programs,Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus has added additional programs suchas SharePoint Workspace, InfoPath, Lync, and MS Web Apps. The extendedpackage also provides a license that is designed for a single user or avirtual or physical server.

The software purchased for an unlimited period and in the form of alicense, the duration of which is 2 years. With the help of modern advancedprogram it is possible not only to perform daily but also to improvecomputer tasks. Helps you plan, manage complex structural data, createprofessional-quality marketing materials and unique content, andcommunicate via email.

A single daily affairs panel contains messages, scheduled tasks, andmeetings within the common interface, and simple formatting tools andtemplates help you create better documentation.

Licensing rules

The main rule of licensing is "device". This applies to all applicationsthat are part of it. The software installed on the device use the only oneuser at a time.

The use of the license provides for compliance with the following rules:

A corporate license entitles you to use the previous version of thesoftware. It is enough to use the key and the file to install.

Use any number of copies of the software on the same local device.

Each user of the licensed version install a copy on their portable device.It is important that it is not a basic product on the Organization'sdevices with the standardization of Open Value/Enterprise Agreement.

When you purchase software through enterprise licensing channels, installit on servers for the RDS/VDI network. Use of the software is allowedremotely for any users.

If it is necessary to use on mobile devices, the rights to its use arepurchased separately. Free rights will be granted only if with WindowsPhone.

Mobile clients licensed as per-user add-ons for a local per-device license.They are convenient as an addition to a full-fledged license.

Advantages of MS Office 2016 Pro Plus

Installing a new software has the following advantages:

  • You can start working with applications without delay;
  • You do not have to stop the Office 2010, Office 2007, and Office 2003applications to start.
  • You can choose not to remove previous versions from your computer;
  • Installation of updates and basic work are carried outsimultaneously-all updates are placed in the cache, and everythinghappens in the background;
  • Even novice user can work with convenient interface;
  • The presence of all necessary tools in the package allows you to createand edit text documents, tables, presentations;
  • You can open and edit documents from a PC, laptop or mobile device;
  • Simultaneous access to documents is possible in cloud storage thanks tothe collaboration mode and the possibility of saving;
  • Moving files from OneDrive to local media is instantaneous.

And this is only a small part of the package's capabilities. Can affordevery novice entrepreneur. To do this, just visit our online store anddetermine the appropriate version of the license. After purchasing the key,you can safely activate the product on your device.

By the company is actively used by most of the largest companies around theworld. This suggests that it is more profitable for your device than tospend time trying to integrate files from third-party programs into theaccounts of Western partners.

The license is tied to your device!

You cannot change the computer configuration or rotate system!


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ActivationOnline, Phone, Chat with Microsoft
Manufacturer Part Number79P-05546, 79P-05552, 269-16801
LanguageAll language
Activation territoryWorldwide
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ModelProfessional Plus
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