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Key features and benefits of using Office 365 in education

Cloud services are becoming increasingly popular among Internet users, as they are convenient and reliable, and easy to install. We offer you a set of office programs Office 365, which is a cloud service distributed by subscription. To install on a PC you need to buy office 365 activation key, which will be sent by mail after payment. Installing applications does not take much time and opens up huge opportunities for education and business. 

Office 365 for business features

In addition to the standard programs known to Microsoft users, the Office 365 Suite is complemented by Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for creativity and projects from any device. In this edition of the cloud service, the manufacturer has integrated its best practices for business communication:

  • Lync service for video conferencing and instant messaging between employees;
  • cloud storage for important SkyDrive Pro data;
  • special service for collective activity and work on one project – SharePoint Online;
  • e – mail with built-in calendar and address book-Exchange Online.
  • All of these and other applications create a collaborative environment. Thus, Office 365 is a complete product for working in the office. In order to evaluate its advantages and learn the main features, you should buy office 365 license and install it on your PC. 

What is attractive interface?

When creating a software product, the developers made sure that its capabilities are enough for all users, including businessmen and students. Special attention should be paid to the interface of the office Suite, the main advantage of which is the breadth of possibilities and visual ease:

  1. any objects can be moved;
  2. ability to easily switch between applications and services;
  3. many built-in tools that tell you how to spend your time and manage your data;
  4. document management in the browser, which you need to right-click on the file shortcuts. 

On the Internet you can purchase office 365 to work in the office and at home. This application package embodies all the advantages of Office 2013, which are harmoniously combined with new features. Excel has intelligent automatic filling, thanks to which the program independently establishes a logical chain between the cells of the table and allows you to create columns. There is also a panel of charts that allows you to draw data in graphs depending on their type. To adapt the package to your needs, there are special settings that can be understood even by an inexperienced user. 

How does Office 365 help you study?

This is the best package of programs for education. It allows:

  • Save on it resources and ensure reliable protection against malicious sites and virus programs. 
  • The cloud service is useful for both students and faculty. There are necessary tools for communication, learning and implementation of various projects: mail, viewing edited documents directly on the Internet, messaging and much more. 
  • Thanks to the intellectual component, you can work on documents as a team: change them, add new information and comment. 
  • The ability to use the corporate network. 
  • Round the clock support service, so that all programs are working properly at any time. 
  • Increased data security. 
  • To install the office Suite, you need to buy an activation code from microsoft office 365, which is sent by mail after full payment. 

Office 365 use for faculty

This software product allows teachers to optimize the educational process and establish communication with students and schoolchildren. The undeniable advantages of Office 365 include:

time saving. New tools instantly respond to commands, there is access to the database of educational materials of the educational institution and tools for automatic control of knowledge that accesses from any computer, regardless of location. There are also built-in tools for drawing up tasks and creating a plan for the training process;

a high level of efficiency is achieved through the widespread use of innovative and computer technologies in the educational process. For example, you can broadcast lectures, which is especially important for students who, for objective reasons, can not personally attend classes. Thus, they can listen to sound recording at home and replenish their knowledge. To do this, the lecture is broadcast via the Internet, so its recording does not require special equipment. The broadcast function is provided by a video conference, which will require a laptop, Internet and webcam;

the teacher can make changes to the content and adjust it to the needs of the audience;

the use of it technologies brings together students and teachers who begin to understand each other better;

thanks to integrated means of communication, teachers can always stay in touch with their students. Through the Internet, you can consult any student, check his knowledge and hold a seminar;

the use of office data in combination with the Internet contributes to professional development. 

In order to establish communication with students, you need to buy office 365 for windows 10 and install the OS on any device, especially since it does not take much time and effort. 

Benefits of using Office 365 for students

Taking advantage of the cloud service, students also save a lot of time, as all training materials are at their fingertips. There is no need to visit libraries and spend time searching for the necessary information. To do this, simply enter a search query and get a few answers. In real time, you can work on one project, communicate with each other and share information. To install the service on your PC you need ms office 365 to buy a subscription and receive monthly free updates of all programs. 

The many advantages of using Office 365 for students include:

  • mobile learning. All materials are available from anywhere in the world, there is also the opportunity to listen to the lecture and ask questions outside the classroom;
  • training is fully individualized. The software product allows you to develop a convenient curriculum, take a distance learning course and improve knowledge;
  • in Office 365 you can publish photo albums and maintain your own blog. This creates a social model for collaborative interaction and learning. 
  • Those users who have an expired subscription can purchase Microsoft office 365 renewal with all updates and enhancements.