Activating Windows 10 with the key

Activate Windows 10 key, this is one way to authenticate the product.

Activation will unlock system functions that cannot work without it!

There are 3 main ways to activate Windows 10 is:

Our shop's blog post was already dedicated:

Activating Windows 10 by phone (Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home) a link to read:
Buy Windows 10 Activation Key

For activation you need the key itself! You can buy a key from Windows 10 on our website!

Here are the links:

If you bought the key on our site or you already have it, we will proceed with activation!

After the text will be written how to activate Windows 10 with the key.

Text with instruction and illustrative picture! (Pictures are clickable! You can increase them!)

  1. Open the computer settings:

    Click on the «Windows Icon» → Select a tab with «Gears»

  2. Select "Update and Security"
  3. Go to "Activation" menu.
  4. Click on "Change product key".
  5. Enter your activation key (If you do not have one, buy it: Buy Windows 10 key
  6. Press the "Activate" button to start activation.
  7. If everything's done right and your key worker you'll see...
  8. Close it and make sure the system is activated!

That's all with the activation of the operating system!

We hope we have answered your question: how to activate Windows 10? It's decided

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Comments (5)

29 May 2023
Updates after activation need to be disabled or not?
0 / 0
03 Jun 2023
Hello! That is not necessary.
18 Dec 2022
The key was sent quickly. Activated Windows 10 without any problems. A very good copy for my wife. I recommend the seller.
1 / 0
12 Jul 2022
Hello, I bought a key on Aliexpress it does not fit, is there a solution to the problem!
3 / 3
15 Oct 2022
Hello, we do not sell on Aliexpress.ru. They just pasted a link to our activation instructions. Please write to the seller on the marketplace about this problem.
18 Jun 2022
I bought a key for Windows 10
2 / 3
11 Jun 2022
Thank you. activated winds 10 pro with no problems. will recommend you.
1 / 5

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