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For home use, Windows 11 home is good, you can download iso image for free right here. This is the latest version of MS Windows, which is suitable for computer and laptop. You can successfully use Win 11 home to solve a number of tasks. Win 11 has a number of features that you should familiarize yourself with before downloading.

Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

Edition: Windows 11 Home

Size: x64 - 5 GB;

Interface Language: English or Multi-Lang

System digit: x64

Date of release: 5 October 2021

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor from: 1 GHz or higher.
  • RAM from: 4 GB
  • Video memory: 512Mb
  • Free hard disk space: from 64 GB
Microsoft manufacturer logoLicensed product only

Main Features of Win 11

The new version from Microsoft Corporation has a number of features:

  • Support for two languages: English and Russian. You can use the English version, downloaded from the official site; Previously you can use the Russian version.
  • Size of operating system: x86; x32 bit (x32 bit); x64 bit; Language support: x86, x32 bit (x32 bit)
  • Improved design. The familiar icons have been updated. The appearance of the windows was also changed. Rounded edges are dominant now. Translucence was added to the standard applications. As a result, the final product has got the common features with macOS. Most of the actions performed in the system are accompanied by animations. Opening folders and accessing panels on the sides is smoother now. This makes using the system more enjoyable. If the user feels that the animations make the work slow, they can be turned off. Just go to settings; When you're ready to plug in the animations, they're not as fast as they should be
  • Update the "start". The familiar item is now in the center. Nearby there are icons for quick access. This is something you'll have to get used to if you're upgrading your system; Location of Start components in the center.
  • The component layout of Start has changed. There is no design including tiles. There are applications that are docked. They are a group of small icons. You can set them up in the panel in the order you want.

Try this version, and you'll see how much easier it makes your work, and standard tasks will take much less time to complete. If multitasking is important to you, it's worth the choice. Here you can place several windows on the monitor at once, and everything happens automatically. The system offers several layouts to choose from. You can choose one of the proposed options. Arrangement of applications on the screen is now more convenient. All methods of placement are easy to view. Just click on the virtual button with the word "expand". The system remembers the location of certain windows. As a result, it can suggest options that are more convenient for your particular user. Так будет проще планировать рабочее пространство, в особенности, если в работе задействовано несколько приложений.

Basic download requirements

The download and installation process will be successful if several criteria are met:

  • Processor: at least 2 cores;
  • Clock frequency: not less than 1 GHz (if we are talking about a compatible processor with x64 bit);
  • The amount of RAM: at least 4 GB;
  • Storage capacity: at least 64 GB;
  • Graphics adapter: Compatible with the DirectX 12/WDDM 2.x software interface component;
  • Monitor diagonal: more than 9 inches;
  • Monitor resolution: HD (720p);
  • Availability of an uninterrupted Internet connection;
  • Security Module: Trusted Platform Module Specification (TPM 2.0).

You must have a Microsoft account to get started successfully.

Where can I download the installer for free?

You can start using microsoft MS Win 11 home soon, downloading the installer is easy enough. We offer the official version, not a pirate build. You need to use the distribution to ensure the procedure. The downloader will help to cope with downloading the version. You don't need to have any special knowledge to perform the procedure.

The clean ISO image can be burned to a DVD or a USB thumb drive. When you take advantage of our offer you get the product you need. If for a number of tasks you need microsoft winds 11 home, download 64 bit will be very easy. It is enough to follow the instructions demonstrated on the site. Here are available options for systems with different bit sizes. You can make a choice based on the features of your device.

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