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Activation: Online, Phone, Chat with Microsoft
Delivery: To Email / Personal account
Validity: Indefinitely
License Type: Retail / ESD
The format of the license: Text / Photo Scan

A license key is required for the programs to work properly. Also the activation key allows you to effectively use a specialized list of programs on different devices. With us you can buy Microsoft Office 2010 Standard activation key for comfortable work.

What is included in the office software package

Buy a license for Office 2010 Standard for those who need to work remotely on existing projects. Web applications - lightweight versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote that can work in a browser - will also help.

Microsoft Office 2010 Standard включает следующие программы:

  • Microsoft Word 2010: updated version of the text editor. Here there is support for co-authoring documents, there is the possibility to carry out formatting with OfficeArt, there are enhanced search functions.
  • Microsoft Excel 2010: a business tool that makes it easy to make the right decisions based on the analysis of available data. This is done with improved tools and functions. The program contains special tools and options that allow for different levels of analysis. The result of the analysis is presented in a convenient form, which is achieved through special visualization tools.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: one of the best tools for developing presentations, including portable ones, with improved transitions. Many other tools are available for working with audio, video, and other content.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010: the most popular email client.
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010: is suitable for creating reports, information analysis, has an extended set of tools for data visualization.
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010: interesting navigation, completely new and even more functional tools that allow you to intelligently structure your notes, thoughts so that they are securely organized and accessible.

In Office 2010 Standard, co-authoring, the way multiple users with access to the same Word, PowerPoint and OneNot files can edit materials at once, has been significantly enhanced. Other major improvements include a new Outlook calendar, updated email management tools, and new ways and tools for handling photo and video content.

How to buy a license key

On our site you can download the distribution of Microsoft Office 2010 Standard, to use it and feel in practice all the advantages of the software to work at home and in the office, as well as purchase a license key. You will be free from constant manual installation of doubtful programs, updates and add-ons. Everything you need to work is collected here. It is also very useful that all the innovations and tools will become available to you almost instantly. You don't have to take any steps to do so.

The advantages of buying from us:

  • We sell officially approved activation keys by the corporation;
  • instant email delivery of the product;
  • a bargain: buy keys at the best price on the Internet;
  • We will provide all possible assistance in activating the software and installing the key. If you have any questions, you can contact technical support;
  • the purchased license key will allow your device to work without interruptions.

Buy Microsoft Office 2010 Standard is definitely worth it if you want to find:

  • An efficient way to design databases. Use ready-made templates, add required fields and functions.
  • A problem-solving tool. Use easy-to-use analysis tools, charts, color formatting, and other tools that allow you to quickly process large amounts of data.
  • A way to optimize your workflow. Just use simplified access to the latest versions of resources: you can merge notes, multimedia, documents.
  • Add and edit photos, videos, and text effects.
  • Tools for designing unique, colorful newsletters. You can accompany them with text effects using all available tools.
  • Reliability. Keep projects, important documents online without fear of losing them. Protect yourself with advanced security. Users and other users can view and modify documents from home, the office, or any computer.

The Standard package is enough to solve most of the tasks that arise in the process of work and study. In cooperation with us you are guaranteed to get the best prices for the purchase of a license key.

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Common to digital
Activation Online, Phone, Chat with Microsoft
Delivery To Email / Personal account
Validity Indefinitely
License Type Retail / ESD
The format of the license Text / Photo Scan
Download the program distributive:

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