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A license key is required for the software to work properly. It took Microsoft about three years to develop and release Microsoft Office 2010. Traditionally, several different editions were released to solve different user tasks. Microsoft specialists have prepared a lot of functional editors aimed at profound work with information, graphic images and presentations. The software is optimally suited for home use, for work in the business sphere, or for office use. If you need an effective tool for solving tasks, it is worth buying Microsoft Office 2010 Professional activation key to forget about possible difficulties with activation.

Features of MS Office 2010 Professional

Purchasing the key ensures that you have a genuine software product that does not expose your entire computer to threats and the risk of infection. With the release of MS Office 2010, Microsoft introduced the 64-bit version of the package for the first time. The advantage of the 64 bit version is the possibility to use about 2 Gigabytes of RAM for each program component. What is it for? The real benefit of it is when working with Excel and Access programs where you may need to open huge files.

Main features worth buying Microsoft Office 2010 Professional for:

  • A tool for routine tasks. No more wasting too much time and effort. Use easy-to-use analysis tools, charts, color formatting, and other tools that let you quickly process large data sets.
  • Database design. You can use ready-made templates. Add as many fields and functions as you need.
  • Streamline your personal workflow with easy access to the latest resources: you can combine notes, multimedia, documents and more.
  • Add and edit photos, videos, and text effects.
  • There are tools for designing unique, colorful newsletters. You can accompany them with text effects using all available tools.
  • Save projects, important documents online without fear of losing them. Maximum protection - a guarantee provided by an advanced security system. Users and other users can view and modify documents from their home or office or any computer. The main thing is to have access to the Internet.

Microsoft specialists will answer all customer questions that may arise in the process of using the software product. Microsoft takes into account the needs and desires of different categories of users, so their products get several versions.

Buy a license key

We offer to download 32-bit and 64-bit distribution. The distribution will perform a standalone installation of MS Office 2010 Pro, which is perfectly compatible with x32-bit and x64-bit Windows. This is a universal solution for a multi-purpose audience of computer users. For further full work with the software you need a license key. It can be purchased in our online store. You can buy a license for Office 2010 Pro at a bargain price with a significant discount on the software product. We provide all conditions for reliable, fast and most profitable purchase of software products from Microsoft.

The following programs are included:

  • Microsoft Word 2010;
  • Microsoft Excel 2010;
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010;
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010;
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010;
  • Microsoft Access 2010;
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010;
  • Microsoft Project 2010;
  • Microsoft Visio 2010.

In comparison with the previous version of the software the new package of applications Microsoft Office 2010 Professional became even more powerful and convenient, that especially will please the skilled users. To use the listed tools it is enough to download the distribution package Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. To make full use of the software product you will need a license, which each user can also buy in our online

Advantages of buying from us:

  • We sell officially confirmed activation keys by the corporation;
  • instant delivery of the goods to your email;
  • a good deal: buy the keys at the best price on the Internet;
  • We will provide any assistance in software activation and key installation. If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support;
  • The purchased license key will allow your device to work without interruption.

Our specialists are always ready to help with questions related to the purchase and installation of software activation keys.

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Activation Online, Phone, Chat with Microsoft
Delivery To Email / Personal account
Validity Indefinitely
License Type Retail / ESD
The format of the license Text / Photo Scan
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