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Many users see Windows 7 as a redesigned version of XP. This version was released in 2009 and developed on the core of the previous operating system Vista. But at the same time, the "seven" has become significantly faster, more productive and loyal to the beginning computer users. After the failures on the background of Vista operating system, Microsoft rethought the approach to OS development and returned to the previous concept with new views and technologies. If the user decided to download Microsoft Windows 7 ISO, he is guaranteed to get everything he could not get with the previous system due to insufficient technological progress.

New Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop

The version of Vista looked interesting and beautiful thanks to Aero Glass technology, but the management of applications and open windows was no different from what was in XP. With the release of the G7, the developer rethought the way the taskbar works - now it serves to switch between running applications and running programs. Windows 7 has new features like Aero Snap, Aero Peek - they allow to organize several windows on the desktop for parallel work. Internet Explorer browser is not a copy, now it is very similar to Finder from MacOS.

Other MS Windows features:

  • Compatible with Windows XP. Ability to run XP apps and games in a dedicated visualized space.
  • Optimize BranchCache network traffic.
  • Encryption and key management technology on BitLocker To Go.
  • portable devices
  • The function of creating a virtual drive and working with it as a regular hard drive is provided.
  • Group policies and running specific applications on a computer with system administrator rights thanks to AppLocker.

The developer has made a tangible step forward and released a really decent product, so download Windows 7 x64 ISO image follows those users who want to work on modern operating systems. On our website you can download a clean ISO image and initialize the operating system on your home computer. To work with a complete product you will need to purchase a license key, which can also be done on our website at a low price.

Windows 7 Buildings

Windows 7 Comparison of editions (Versions)
Officially, the "seven" received six revisions:
  • Starter Edition;
  • Home Basic;
  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Enterprise;
  • Ultimate.

The choice has changed little since XP. As before, in most cases, Home Basic or Home Premium is sufficient for home use, provided that additional functional extensions are required. Corporate clients choose Professional for enhanced security features. You can install one of these editions on your computer and notebook. All of them are optimized and configured to work effectively even with a weak "iron" The Starter Edition is designed for netbooks.

Windows 7 Buildings

Today you can't download the original distribution from the official Microsoft site, because the corporation has suspended support for this version of Windows. But there is a way out of this situation - you can download Windows 7 64 bits here. You will get a clean operating system, ready to install and work. For users of less efficient computers there is a 32-bit version. Do I need to switch from Vista to the "seven"? It is definitely worth it. Do I need to migrate from XP to MS Windows 7? The answer is obvious. It is a worthy replacement for the previous OS and a tangible step forward towards new technologies and features. If you do not know, what digit capacity of system is required to your computer, you can ask corresponding question to our support service. Note that for a comfortable work at home on your computer it is usually enough to download Windows 7 64 bit.

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