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Microsoft Office 365 For Home

Using a computer at home is always a very important issue. Since we alwayschoose only the best products for life , the same principle applies to PCs. We all know how well the quality of the work of programs and applicationsaffects the performance and effectiveness of any tasks. But very often inorder to save we regret to spend a minimum amount on purchase inexpensivesoftware license OJEC baking, giving preference files with 'pills' ofdubious quality. Corollary m such savings is defective operation of thesystem, and in some cases even impossible the proper execution ofelementary operations.Microsoft Office 365 Home - buy a subscription tosolve all problems. This is what the user advises and who really know theprice of a full-fledged official product.

All the benefits of Microsoft Office Home

By purchasing a microsoft office subscription , you get a personalassistant in the most diverse issues for 12 months with a life extension ifnecessary. The creators managed to collect in their product the bestdevelopments for working with documents, media files, graphic pictures, e-mail, etc.

So, what do you get by subscribing ms office at a cheap price on ourwebsite:

  • The ability to install the best tools and utilities on PC c windows 10and 32 bit 64 bit , mac os systems , as well as on Windows tablets,Android and iPad gadgets. And for each system, the installer adjustsall the necessary parameters, so that it is possible to achievehigh-quality performance on any device.
  • Constant access to the latest versions of personalized service.
  • Full and effective work in the best updated applications Excel, W ord ,Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, OneNote. At the same time, itis possible to work both with the help of a keyboard and using a touchscreen or a stylus.
  • A great bonus is the OneDrive cloud storage for 1 TB in which you canhold all your ideas and ideas and get access to them anywhere in theworld.
  • Editing files from PDF to Word , processing multimedia content, varioustemplates and themes for presentations and sketches, etc.
  • Cloud SkyDrive for autosaving documents online in the presence of theInternet . At the same time, your colleagues or friends will also beable to collaborate with you to create and correct certain files (inthe case of installation on a PC with Windows).
  • P olnofunktsionalnye tools windose Office 5 phones and tablets 5 .

In Behold, you need to start using microsoft office 365 for the house - tobuy an activation key .

Features and functionality

You just need to install the package on your device to get access to a widerange of full-fledged helpers:

  • Text editor Word - indispensable in any business, which, one way oranother, is associated with text processing. Here you will find a largenumber of developments and functions that will be useful both at homeand in the office.
  • The Excel editor will help you to forget about the problems with thereports. Now even the family budget will be very simple. There isexpress analysis, a set of functions for graphs and charts, thecalculation of complex formulas and the construction of dependencies .Reporting now becomes an incredibly easy task.
  • PowerPoint is indispensable when creating presentations of variousformats. You can use both having templates, and create your own styleof presenting information. You can easily give the report a memorablelook by adding animation inserts and even video files to it. Inaddition, it supports high-resolution monitors.
  • Outlook to receive and send email with advanced features that allow youto process and sort emails. It combined sentry service and smart searchengine. Now manage your conversations is easy.
  • OneNote is a notebook of a new format. Opening on any equipment, sheperfectly copes with the organization of your work day and leisure.Creating notes, tasks, reminders, wide functionality, adding pictures -all this can VanNot.
  • The last in the list, but not the last in importance, is Access, withwhich you can manage large amounts of data, databases and templates,which is simply necessary in the modern flow of information.

Accessibility for everyone

Despite the fact that the package is quite cheap, it contains a huge numberof advantages, one of which is the versatility of installation andapplication. This means that depending on the platform and the features ofyour devaysa ( x32-bit / x64 bits, windows 10 , etc . ), The system itselfis infused under the existing parameters. However, there are a number ofspecific conditions that must be met in order for a program to be high.

  • Computers with Windows - support all versions of applications withWindows OS 7 and higher;
  • Mac computers do not differ much from the first, but also requiremodern systems, such as Mac OS X 10.10;
  • Tablets - the need for OS Windows 8 and above, and for the Mobileversion - Windows 10;
  • iOS for iOS 8.0 or more modern development.
  • Android - easy installation on smartphones or tablets with an ARM orIntel x86 base, as well as the Android KitKat 4.4 operating system.

How to start using?

M icrosoft office 3 65 - purchase license renewal and to forget about thelimitations. By activating your account for a year, you will be able toforget about sending codes by phone, substandard archives and othertroubles related to pirated content. We offer to make a purchase, get anactivation key ( esd license ) in online mode. That is, even withoutgetting up from behind the monitor, you can find out how much our offer isworth . And the cost of it, believe me, will please you. Plus, if you finda lower price, we will give you a discount. So hurry to us, because thenumber of proposals is limited.

Start using the Office is quite simple:

  • Visit us on the site and pay for the selected package in the way thatis convenient for you, and also indicate the mail address where we willsend the data for activation.
  • Register on the official website of the developer and download theinstallation archive.
  • Run the archive on your hardware or gadget using the received codes.
  • Enjoy the result.

If you plan to use the Home Office on other devices, then the installationscheme should be similar.

Computer technology does not stand still, so hurry to join the bestdevelopments of digital geniuses from around the world, who gave you aconvenient and functional home system for comfortable work. Join the choiceof millions of people around the world who have already appreciated thebenefits of buying licensed software.

Download free installation image:


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DeliveryDelivery to Email
Validity1 Year
License TypeEsd
Number of devices5
ModelMicrosoft Offcie
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