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Activation:Entering the key into the program
Delivery:На Email / Личный Кабинет
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Activation territory:Worldwide
Validity:1 Year

Antivirus nod32 Smart Security

Antivirus programs are required to protect your computer. At the moment youcan buy quite a lot of different protection variations from manufacturers,however, the most popular in the field of anti-virus protection isconsidered ESET NOD32 a Czech company. Many PC users probably have not evenheard about this product, in comparison with such software frommanufacturers as antivirus Doctor Web or quests Kaspersky. However, this isnot an excuse not to learn about it a lot of perfect new and useful. Thequality of this product in the field of information and the patentedtechnologies used for this purpose have been highly appreciated in themarkets of Russia and all over the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

ESET Smart License is the most optimal set of against viruses that canensure the safety of your Internet connection. The user with this productreceives anti-virus, effective firewall, anti-shock, against spywareattacks, protection against stealing passwords, spam, etc.

First of all it is necessary for eset those users who chooses and values inthe goods reliability and fast action. There are many advantages andpeculiarities of this software. The main advantage-the anti-virus is notdemanding to the resources of a personal computer. When you install thisgoods on your PC, the system will not feel heavy load.

At the same time, such undemanding in no way will affect the highefficiency of this protective goods. Instantly sees any virus and launchesa fight program. The diagnosis is carried out in the shortest possible timedue to the fact that the goods is written in assembly language. That's whyantivirus works faster than any of these.

Assembly language is a utility that works with translating commands intomachine language. The main purpose-creation of microcommands and smallcodes. Speaking briefly about the structure and functioning of the Assemblylanguage, it can be argued that its commands are fully consistent with theprocessor commands. In other words, the language uses mnemonic code, whichare most convenient for the person to write.

An equally important advantage of the program is the peculiarities of itsupdating. Update sizes are small, about a few hundred kilobytes. This makesit possible to download update files without loading. By offering usersupdates, the manufacturer uses special mirror servers. Due to this updateis downloaded as quickly as possible, the user does not experience anyinconvenience.

Can even buy a novice user, as the interface is as accessible andunderstandable. Almost all of the proposed processes are startedautomatically, so the user's direct presence or involvement may not berequired. In addition, the Program menu is translated into Russian.

After working with this, users highlight the following features:

Control of all external connected USB devices;

Updated and accessible interface;

Protection of confidential data from any virus applications;

Blocking of advertising, extortionist exploits. The user gets protectionagainst screen lock, attacks on editors in test mode and other advantages;

Protection of children from unnecessary information, harmful content,games, etc. at the parents ' discretion;

Complete security while using social networks;

A special feature will allow you to find any lost or stolen device, whichis installed. The location of your laptop or tablet will be quicklyinstalled using Wi-Fi on the map, the built-in camera creates andautomatically saves pictures from the webcam device.

Standard equipment

If you choose ESET nod32 smart Security, then you need to know what isincluded in the kit:

Built-in standard function that checks files used by the user in real time;

On-demand scanner, which the user can use only if it is necessary to scanyour system for viruses. There is a built-in planning function of diskchecks, which allows to check the disks as quickly as possible withoutloading the system;

A program that prevents the infection of hard drives with malicious contentdownloaded from the Internet, checks all the received files, mail. Wheninstalling the anti-virus, the computer is diagnosed for compatibility ofthis feature and PC software, it is possible to disable this component ifit is not necessary;

Document MONitor, which interacts with documents and office Porgram,diagnoses Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Internet Explore;

Removable Storage control allows you to create a separate media that doesnot allow existing on external media viruses to penetrate the computer;

Parental controls allow you to restrict access to harmful or dangeroussites and content for your child.

Antivirus nod32 eset nod32 smart buy is possible for the vast majority ofexisting operating systems, including the OS and mobile devices. Many PCsoftware manufacturers release this product among everyone else due to itsspeed, reliability and ease of use.

If your personal computer or mobile device needs high-quality andguaranteed protection with minimal settings, you can use to buy on ourwebsite and install it on your own gadgets.

Of the negative features can be noted only a trial period of free use ofthe program, which is limited to 30 days. In addition, if the program isnot configured correctly, there is a possibility of blocking access to theInternet.

In general, the anti-virus fully copes with its tasks and provides thecomputer security at a high level. If you need full protection of your PCsystem, it is recommended to install this popular product.

The activation code is also suitable.

Download ESET Smart Security for free and get a trial period of 30 days:


The key is like and to activate eset internet security!


Common to digital
ActivationEntering the key into the program
DeliveryНа Email / Личный Кабинет
LanguageAll language
Activation territoryWorldwide
Validity1 Year
Number of devices1
ModelSmart Security
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