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The Windows 8 operating system made a lot of noise before it was released. Microsoft was well aware that in order to occupy a strong position in the market, they needed a system for tablets, so that it could be controlled with the fingers. Earlier "seven" was endowed with certain capabilities from this area, but they were far from perfect and in addition, did not fully solve the tasks at hand. Microsoft could have gone the way of Apple, releasing a tablet version based on its new Windows Phone. But the corporation was well aware that since Windows Phone simply by definition can not compete with iOS and Android, the tablet version will show even more disappointing results. Download Microsoft Windows ISO image can be downloaded by anyone who has decided to install a popular operating system.

What versions of the system are available

Unlike previous versions of the operating system, this time Microsoft decided to reduce the number of available editions from 6 to 4. Each of them has a specific functionality and solves specific user tasks. Let's look at all of them:

  • Windows 8 RT (компьютеры и планшеты на ARM процессорах);
  • Windows 8 (базовая);
  • Windows 8 PRO (профессиональная);
  • Windows 8 Enterprise (корпоративная).

For the average user and everyday person, the choice will actually consist of only two versions. These are Windows 8 and Windows 8 PRO. Home edition is suitable for weak PCs and laptops, but the "professional" edition is an excellent choice for powerful personal computers. Suitable for gamers - fans of computer games. The more stable version is Windows 8 Enterprise.

Which version to choose for your home

To determine the best choice for home use, just read the main differences between Windows 8 and Windows 8 PRO:

  • Upgrade from Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. This will allow you to keep your custom settings from the previous operating system that was installed on your computer. You won't have to reconfigure anything.
  • File system encryption. Functionally, it has a lot in common with the previous function, but it is not used as actively as, for example, Bitlocker and Bitlocker TO GO.
  • Virtualization (Client Hyper-V). Powerful machine virtualization features first introduced in Windows Server 2012. This feature provides high performance, allowing you to run multiple machines at the same time. This feature is only available on 64-bit versions and only if you have at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Booting an OS from a virtual hard drive. This tool is related to the previous one and allows you to create a virtual hard drive inside the Hyper-V environment, from which the operating system will start instead of the physical one.
  • Connecting to a domain using Active Directory.
  • In Windows 8 Pro, you can act as a host in the remote connection function.
  • In the Home Edition only 128 GB of RAM can be used, while the Professional Edition allows 512 GB.

How do I use the operating system image? It is provided in a special format. It is an ISO file which must be burned to a DVD or USB-Stick. In this case, you download the original system image, which you can easily install on your PC. You will have the system in Russian, the original distribution without risk to your personal computer.

Our benefits

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