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A few years ago, users had to install antivirus, firewall and a lot of other software to protect their computers. With ESET Internet Security, this actually became unnecessary. The program combines multiple security modules that keep your computer safe and secure on your network. So what is this program? This question is best understood immediately if you decide to download ESET Internet Security free installer. In fact, it is the same antivirus with some interesting network features. It is a very useful program that can protect you from losing personal information and protect your computer from malware and network attacks.

Download Eset Internet Security for Windows 10


Size: 8.29 MB

Interface language: Russian, English

System Size: x32 / x64

Date of release: 1987

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor from: 2GHz or higher
  • Remote memory: 128 MB
  • Video memory: 16 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 320 MB and up
Eset Nod32 manufacturer logoOnly licensed product

ESET Internet Security features

The program is by and large a firewall. ESET's effectiveness has been proven in practice while working on the Internet. In addition, the latest version already traditionally for this software product includes "Antivirus" and parental control. But one of the key innovations is the protection of financial transactions. This module guarantees the safety of payments in the Internet. The user can be confident in the safety of confidential information. That is, you can just download the official installer, perform its initialization and forget about all the problems. It really works, as many users have seen.

The program is designed in such a way that it automatically launches system scan. It runs in the background and does not consume a lot of resources. The interface is clear and easy to use, plus the settings are translated into Russian. A special feature of ESET Internet Security is its high speed. The initial comprehensive scan takes only a few minutes. Later you can run a deep scan of the operating system files, check the data of removable media. The antivirus includes the HIPS intrusion prevention system. The program allows you to technically prevent third-party devices from connecting via Bluetooth. There is an option to create exceptions for trusted devices. This is only part of the features for which users prefer to download ESET NOD32 Internet Security antivirus.

Advantages of the program

If you switch the application to interactive mode, it starts acting as a firewall - any attempt to gain access will prompt the user for further action. But in comparison with many other similar programs in ESET NOD32 easy to apply a choice for one specific case and on its basis create a permanent rule. In the future, the utility will be guided by this very rule.

"Home Network Protection" is another benefit of the product. It finds all devices on your network, and displays their names or IP address if you can't find the name of the device. There is also a "Scan Router" button, which, when clicked, will check the security settings. The system will find the vulnerabilities in the router settings and offer to fix them. That way your network is as secure as possible and your x32, x64 Windows 10 PC is inaccessible to hackers.

Are there more reasons why you should download Nod32 Internet Security right now? One of them is the built-in protection mechanism against spam and social engineering. It scans POP3 and IMAP email and outgoing SMTP mail for malware and protects your device.

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