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Literally every day you can see news reports about new types of viruses for mobile operating systems. First of all, Android system is threatened, because iOS viruses are almost never created due to its serious protection. Android, against the backdrop of a competitive system, is disadvantaged by open access and the presence of a large number of applications. All this creates an additional threat, and if you intend to protect the OS, we recommend downloading ESET Mobile Security for Android. The need to install antivirus on your smartphone has been realized by few users. However, Android is subject to the same threats as Windows on your computer.

ESET Mobile Security for Android Box


Size: 27 MB

Interface language: English, MultiLanguage

Operating System: .Android 4.1 and up

Date of release: August 2011
Eset manufacturer logoOnly licensed product


Eset Mobile Security for Android

The program has a simple and intuitive interface. You can learn how to manage the antivirus and configure it in a very short period of time. Behind the pleasant shell hides an extremely useful protection mechanism for your smartphone. The Android program finds and removes common viruses, such as worms, Trojans and other dangerous software. When launched for the first time, the utility will prompt to search for "potentially dangerous" files in the system. It's up to the user to decide whether to allow it or not. Internal and external memory can then be scanned.

The mobile version also offers several ways to scan the OS - deep, fast or smart. This is an important feature that makes it worth downloading Eset Android Antivirus for free and seeing its effectiveness. And it's easy to combine these methods: you can run a quick scan every day and a deep scan once a month.

The main window shows the following categories:

  • Antivirus;
  • Antivirus
  • Antivirus;
  • Settings
  • "Settings;
  • Settings
  • "Security Checks;
  • Security Checks
  • "Call filtering"
  • .

The Anti-Virus feature is very useful in practice. It helps you find your mobile device if it's stolen. You can track the location of your phone, delete personal data, and more. If you care about your personal safety and the security of your smartphone, just download ESET Mobile Security for Android for free. Anti-phishing is a faithful tool to combat social engineering. Filtering allows you to block unwanted incoming calls and messages.


Why download Eset Mobile Security For Android?

This product can be considered as one of the important applications which you should have installed immediately after purchasing and starting using your smartphone. The options offered by EUET allow for an appropriate level of security and comfortable control of the device. The advantage of using the program, of course, is considered the presence of very useful modules, in particular "Antivirus". You can download free Eset Android antivirus on our website. You will get at your disposal a utility from the Google Play application store, Play Market and protect yourself from unpleasant situations related to the infection of the operating system of your mobile device.


The program is localized and supports the Russian language. You won't have any difficulties with installation, setting and operation of the security software. Russian version allows in a few clicks to set up program according to your personal requirements, scanning operating system, finding and removing viruses if they are present in Android. In a word, it is a very effective set of modules, which significantly increases the safety of phone operation, which is relevant in the 21st century. So don't lose the opportunity to download antivirus for your Android.

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