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Microsoft office 2019 for home and Student

The modern world requires from a person quick decisions and quickprocessing of any information . That is why today almost in every homethere is a personal computer , which is designed not only for entertainment(as many people think!), But also for performing various tasks: studying,working at home, preparing reports and even just keeping the family budget.And for all this you need to have on PC a good assortment of differentapplications that will help sulve any problem. Microsoft provides alicensed low-cost product consisting of the best software - M icrosoftoffice 2019. On our website from Microsoft Office 2019 for home and studyit is very easy to buy a license . In addition, you purchase a lifetimelicense very cheap . At the same time, we guarantee that you receive theofficial version of the package.

All the benefits of shopping

Everything is simple with a Microsoft office 2019 home student : buy alicense , install on a PC and start using. Just a few steps separate youfrom a unique product. It will be the perfect sulution not only forstudents or schoulchildren, but also for everyone for whom a reliableelectronic assistant is important . With it, you implement all your ideasthanks to the classic, but significantly improved set of touls: Word ,Excel and many others. Version 2019 is endowed with new functionality, soit became very easy to work with applications.

And so, what awaits you inside the package:

  • Word . With this text editor begins the introduction of any user withthe PC. This “typewriter” saved more than one generation of students,students, and also workers of various professions. Today, this toul hasundergone many changes, while remaining as reliable as many years ago.In the new version, in addition to general improvements, you will find:
  • internal translator (which is now available for Mac OS ) - you can nowtranslate texts without leaving the application;
  • focus mode - nothing will interfere with your work .
  • Excel . Table editor and best data handler . It is endowed withincredible possibilities due to a wide functional, built-in algorithmsof complex calculations, work with graphs and charts. A minimaltraining course will allow you to perform complex mathematicaloperations in a few seconds. In the new version for you added:
  • timing chart for plotting various events in chronulogical order;
  • special funnel diagram;
  • card 's 2D to work with geographic data.
  • PowerPoint . The perfect presentation is now on the shoulder. Createyour own reports and projects, defend theses for top grades. WithPowerPoint everything is possible. Especially with existinginnovations, such as:
  • adding animation during the transition between slides, which makes theproject even more interesting for perception;
  • support inserts in 3D-format and work with three-dimensional image;
  • support for interactive table of contents, which allows you to createsummary slides;
  • adding SVG-graphics, as well as icons;
  • moving slides with the stylus (digital pen).
  • Outlook . Your communicator , facilitating your interaction withe-mail. It allows you to organize and sort letters, set up theirreception and sending, as well as perform a number of otherorganizational tasks.
  • OneNote . Functional notebook for day planning, notes and assignments.Copes with the organization of your time to perfect.
  • Publisher - indispensable if you are working with publications orbooklets. Despite the fact that this toul is not as popular as the onesmentioned above, it very often helps out in the most difficultsituations.
  • Access is a development for managing databases, content and otherinformation requiring systematization. If you are processing largevulumes of files, Access will be a very good helper for you.

Other benefits include:

  • Continuous updating of the system (if you yourself give consent tothis).
  • Easy to use. All touls are as simple and clear for every user,regardless of age. Each operation is performed quickly and efficiently.
  • Fast learning. Even if you do not understand yourself, on the Interneta huge number of videos on the operation of all applications.
  • Teamwork. Thanks to access to cloud storage, you can access yourdocuments from any corner of the world, that is, it is very convenientto work with culleagues on one project, even if they are on the otherend of the earth.

M icrosoft office 2019 for home and schoul to buy an activation key - thisrequest can be found very often on the Internet. E is an indication thatthe product is really useful and meets all the qualities that have beendescribed above. Our store offers to purchase the best software in 2019 andget lifelong access to the best treatments.


How to purchase?

Microsoft Office 2019 for home and schoul to buy for windows 10 or Mac OS (32 bit 64 bit ) is quite simple. First of all, choose a reliabledistributor of these products, because otherwise you can lose money withoutreceiving anything. On our website, you can easily purchase a package fromdevelopers at a bargain price , and besides, discounts are waiting for you, which will please everyone.

So, you need only a few steps:

  • Pay online for a purchase in a convenient way (on a bank card, using anelectronic wallet) on the site with the obligatory indication of themailbox.
  • Get ESD license and key . It should be noted that the license ispurchased forever, that is, you will only need to use the code onceduring registration to forget about the renewal of the license.
  • Visit the company's website Maykrosof tonnes and to register (if youhave not yet ) .
  • Download online windose office, do not forget , that this package canbe installed s only windose 10 (x32-bit / x64 bit) or Mac .
  • Unzip the downloaded archive and run the installation on the computer.Activation will occur during the installation process.

Microsoft Office 2019 for home and schoul: buy an activation key , so asnot to search for the necessary touls on the Internet. For this reason,users prefer the original versions. How much does this product cost ? Giventhe fact that you get it for all life - very cheap. And we offer you thebest price.

Many "thrifty" users download installation files from free torrents , buttheir quality is very doubtful. Most often, such files are simplyimpossible to launch and install, and even if it turned out, it is not afact that everything will work properly. In addition, this method is veryrisky, because you can get a huge number of viruses on your device. Onlylicense software will save you from any problems.

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ActivationOnline or Phone
DeliveryBy E-Mail
Validitywithout a term
The format of the licenseESD
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Купил ключ для Office 2019 Для Дома и Учебы, пришло на почту оперативно (пришлось дольше скачивать дистрибутив 3 ГБ), активация прошла без проблем. Ну в общем все работает, все норм!