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Activation Through:Steam
Genre:Action, Strategy
Modes:Single player, Multiplayer
Release Date:May 23, 2019
Region of Activation:Russia (Except Crimea)

Total War: Three kingdooms

Before you, it is worth learning more about what this game is about.Despite the fact that at the moment the strategy does not occupy a leadingposition in popularity, it continues to hold the brand. On the Internet,the game is freely available for download.

Story line

Gamers find themselves in the maelstrom of a crucial period in history. Thestrategy in this case offers a special exotic - Ancient China, whichexisted during the collapse of the Han dynasty

If we compare “Total war three kingdoms” with “The Age of Empire”, thenunlike the second one, the first action takes place in one historicalperiod and does not imply a transition from the old to the new era.

After the central government is gone, in a state divided into parts, everycommander with experience tries to take matters into his own hands. Thegoal of a gamer is to overcome civil strife and unite separatedterritories.

Game process

Despite the fact that the actions take place in a single period, the set oftroops is offered very different. Thanks to the construction of urbanhouses and public buildings, it is possible to organize subunits. There arequite a few types of troops here, and this makes it possible for a gamer touse all the odds in tactics to the full.

Careful detail has a battle mode. It is brought to meet all the latestgraphic standards. The mode of strategic actions is very interesting, herethe detailing of management processes is set to maximum.

Subtleties of strategy

The rich and interesting historical epoch of the existence of ancient Chinahas an indescribable flavor. New, expanded system of management of humansettlements, resources, political events, actions. High quality graphics,including in battle modes. A huge number of different types of troops withtheir own subtleties. All this is available: in total war kingdoms you can.

Compilation Total War is truly the king in the number of strategies ofepochs. Parts are dedicated to a specific period in the history of mankindor to the setting, but they all have one thing in common - massive battleswith thousands of units and a huge elaboration of control at any level. Thelast part of the strategy is significantly ahead of the others in allpositions.

Story line

Before you, a gamer should understand that all the actions of the game takeplace around a global conflict before the II century of our era in ancientChina. 190 year is brightly shown here. The country is experiencing hardtimes, the separation of territories. The inhabitants of the state pintheir hopes on the new emperor, who would unite everyone under his owncommand. At the disposal of the player are eleven famous commanders andbrave heroes of the time.

Here, gamers need to develop the scheme created over the years. The playermust try to win the battle in the political game, make deals, alliances,beneficial to the economy of the land, to lead fierce battles. The strategyon the Chinese theme noticeably jumped forward in its visualcharacteristics, interesting scenario. Pictures, locations look fantastic,carefully, in all details, embody the scenery of ancient China, as wasdescribed in the work "Three Kingdoms". Each individual character is workedout in detail and has its own particular line of conduct, motivation. Allactions performed by the player have an impact on the subsequent story.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a nice bonus for gamers who love history. Itcan be called a breakthrough with the wrapping decorations of ancientChina. Of the entire series, it can be the first with which you can startplaying and never regret it.

Scale confrontation

China is divided, fragmented. The state needs a new emperor, other ideals.Gamers need to unite the people under their "wing of power." He needs tobecome the ancestor of the dynasty, whose legacy will live and develop formany centuries.The player will need to choose the commander of the elevenproposed, and the rest to force to become submissive. You will also have totake over the heroes.

Will it be possible for a gamer to make strong alliances, make friends ofheroes, lead to the fact that even the enemy treats with respect? Or willthe weapon be intrigue, treachery, betrayal on the road to victory?

Immersed in the game, as if from a clean slate, you will need to write anew, unique legend. The story of the massive gains!

What attracts the game?

  • Ancient China is in all its glory. Gamer meets with China of the ThreeKingdoms period - a great and amazing country. It will be necessary toconduct battles in overgrown subtropics, hot deserts, near highsnow-covered mountains. The strategy will feature the famous sights ofChina: the Yangtze River, the Great Wall and more. Ancient China willappear on the screen. For victory in discord and return of harmony, itwill be necessary to pass the lands of the state from north to south,from west to east, etc.
  • Guanxi system. The basis of the relationship of the heroes of the gameincludes the concept of guanxi, implying dynamic social interactions.So any action has an impact on historical consequences. Charactersseparately are individuals, motivate, cause sympathy and antipathy. Inthe game, bad or good relationships are formed that influence the fateof the characters and the whole nation.
  • Great legends of China. In the strategy, you need to create a newempire, enter the role of one of the eleven proposed warlords, who arealso the characters of the Chinese historical novel called "ThreeKingdoms". Invincible commanders, strong warriors, smart politicians -these heroes set special goals and lead a new style of play. A largenumber of supporting characters are happy to serve the gamer, take partin battles, manage provinces and make a stronger empire. The main thingin this game - the characters, for them the future of China.
  • Perfect pictures. Real martial art. In Total War: Three Kingdoms, thisstatement has a certain deep meaning, and all this thanks to theexcellent graphics and large-scale wushu-style fights. The strategy hasa smart interface, impressive landscapes, a unique authenticity in thedesign. Every detail and element on the theme of Ancient China,recreated in the game, attracts the eye.
  • Spectacular battles taking place in real time, convenient step-by-stepmode. In the computer game Total Var Three Kingdoms which can be boughton the site, it is proposed a phased campaign, battles in the presenttense. Here everything is connected more closely than ever before inother series of Total War. From now on, actions in battles entailserious consequences. They also affect the relationship between thecharacters and the player himself. The strongest allies are the key tovictory in virtual war, struggle. It is safe to say that the newmechanics used adds another dimension to the game.

Lovers of history, China, vivid scenes, large-scale actions simply needfrom total war three kingdoms to. The strategy will delay and give newsensations, emotions.


Activation ThroughSteam
GenreAction, Strategy
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Release DateMay 23, 2019
Region of ActivationRussia (Except Crimea)
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