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Main specifications
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Activation Through:Steam
Genre:Action, Shooter, Adventure, RPG, Racing
Release Date:May 14, 2019
Region of Activation:Russia (Except Crimea)

Rage 2
The game Rage 2 is a product of Id Software, Avalanche Studios, whichbecame the second part of the open world joker, in which all actions takeplace in the first person. They say that this is not just a continuation ofthe previous version, but a realization once conceived, which could not bedone on the old engine.
The storyline is built on the unfolding of events after three decades afterthe actions of the first part. The main face of the game is Ranger Walkerand his horse named Phoenix, which appeared from a capsule hidden in adungeon. Here the players are especially pleased with the possibility ofcustomizing the mechanical monster. The protagonist gains the ability of astrong power push Shatter, which breaks into small parts of enemies, hasthe ability to jump up and hit the ground with a fist Slam, while blowingacoustic waves. For the indicator of energy is responsible Overdrive, thescale, filled with the destruction of enemies. With the speed ofdestruction of the enemy, the number of points on the "overdrive"increases.

The plot and features of the game
The weapon that embodies the essence of the shooter is a shotgun.Initially, Rage 2 protagonist Walker is a ranger ranger, presented in bothmale and female appearance, depending on personal preferences, he finds ashotgun, which is hidden in the Ark (the newest civil defense shelter thatprotects against the fall of the asteroid). When planning to, you shouldknow that the game has many problems, including an obscure open world, apoor story, a difficult technique control, but all you have to do is hearthis shotgun! You just need to use it in battle and realize that this is aquality FPS.
Shotgun is a semi-automatic means for mass destruction. He is too noisy,cruel. By releasing a charge of canister into the enemy, you can feel thestrongest return in your own body. However, the player will necessarilymark an alternative shooting mode, which can be activated by prolongedpressing the right mouse button. The accuracy increases, the force of thestrike increases markedly. Powerfully throws enemies through the railing,into the walls, from the cliffs. This function is needed to stop theGovernment - numerous mutants who are engaged in looting on the planetdamaged by an asteroid.

The primary motivation in the game Rage 2 - the victory over mechanicalmutants, General Cross, who is their leader. Also fascinating and clasheswith groups of raiders, gangsters. Stories here are not given muchimportance. Here fights are the core of action, the reason to continue thegame.

If you are going to pc, you know that this is an excellent shooter, but itis brutal, like a shotgun, is only a part of the whole picture. With thediscovery and discovery of the “Arks”, which are scattered around theplanet, it will be possible to obtain parts of the technology that can bepresented in excess of the ability. Some of them are classic, for example,a double jump and the ability to fly through the air for a few seconds,while you are aiming. However, other actions are proposed that are muchbrighter.
Many players like Slam. You can use it when you are above enemies. Togetherwith the landing there is a powerful shock wave. Those who find themselvesin the epicenter will immediately die, while others will fly up into theair like terrible textile dolls. The shock wave will be stronger if youclimb as high as possible. Since Rage 2 is a project where nimble andpowerful enemies are located all along the perimeter, the function underthe name “Slam” turns into an effective method of controlling characters.

If you manage to provoke a great chaos, you can press V and thus turn onthe “afterburner” mode, with which the weapon’s shot becomes stronger, thehealth is restored, and the abilities are returned. In addition, it isallowed to install special defensive energy shields, to send a whirlwindonto the battlefields, which will drag out numerous opponents. Theseabilities, including the meaning of equipment, weapons, have their own treeof improvements.After you decide to steam for rage 2, you will have accessto personalization and the ability to adjust any situation in a battle inan unlimited number of ways. In the list of other supernormal abilities islisted and "crushing". With its help, you can fly into the enemy withoverclocking, destroying his armor, or kill him, when he is very close.

Over the course of the game, a lot of things increase: abilities, weapons,upgrades. The pleasure of fighting grows significantly. After downloadingthe game rage 2, you need to a key. This is the only way to get all thepossibilities of the battle, to feel the battle to the fullest and theiratmosphere.
It is worth noting that the default skills are scattered around thekeyboard uncomfortable. To activate them, you need to hold the CTRL, andthen you should press on another button. In words, this may not seemdifficult, however, in the mass of chaotic, active shooting, when you needto quickly run, move, it is not easy. But there is good news, the layout isamenable to change.
Gamepad and locations
The interface of the game Rage 2 is sharpened under the gamepad. Here themenu navigation with the mouse is partially clumsy. Changes appeared afterthe premiere of the first Rage. The developers created a technology forgetting an open world, uninterrupted by unnecessary loading screens. Theyalso decided to create a world without downloading. The task was not easy,but with a large logistics base, the creators managed to realize animportant detail.
Having decided to, be prepared for the fact that the game is notdistinguished by high originality. Of course, the developers were inspiredby Fallout and Mad Max, but in this computer product everything is obviousand trite. Similar deserts and parking. In turn, the world and the plot canhardly be called deserted and boring, because here you can always take acharacter with something, including picking up items and large-scalebattles with mutants and raiders.

RPG components
In the game Rage 2, as well as in other recent open world games, the heroupgrade feature works. With the help of an easy but understandable system,you can make the best weapon use skills, develop supernatural abilities inactions, such as telekinesis. It is worth saying that significant successcan be achieved by alternating shooting skills, using special abilities. Soyou can easily adapt to the battles, effectively and vividly lead battleswith enemies.
Sound and pictures
If we talk about graphics, the pictures are of high quality and attractive,they meet the latest standards of a good game. To see this, you can byclicking on the link. The game has bright, atmospheric locations,high-quality animation, impressive special effects, especially in battles.The actions look very impressive and will not disappoint fans of excellentgraphics.
The sound in the game is made at the advanced level. In carrying out themission, you can enjoy the sound of each weapon, the rupture of the enemy'shead. Additional dynamics and atmosphere gives a dynamic soundtrack.
Rage 2 is a colorful example of the latest computer gaming products. Thegame is an open world, familiar settings, a simple plot, exciting andinteresting gameplay.


Activation ThroughSteam
GenreAction, Shooter, Adventure, RPG, Racing
Release DateMay 14, 2019
Region of ActivationRussia (Except Crimea)
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