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Activation:Entering the key into the program / Having chosen the file of the license
Language:All language
Activation territory:Worldwide
Number of devices:1

Description of Avast Internet Security

The anti-virus Avast Internet Security which can be installed on thepersonal computer with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 versions has been developedfor full and safe use of a home network and also it is compatible to XP SP3and Vista. This advanced software with expanded opportunities, high levelof protection and confidentiality of data of the user. She protects thepersonal computer and data on him from the espionage and all harmfulthreats trying to infect the home computer. Besides, the protect data ofthe user from the counterfeit websites, the hacker attacks, spammers andextortioners which, abducting data, use them in the roguish purposes.

In order that the user could estimate reliable protection of the personalcomputer against virus threats, some time the Avast Internet Security it ispossible to use free of charge, but for her full functioning and anopportunity to use all functionality it is necessary аваст to buy anantivirus the license and to install the on the personal computerespecially as it will take a little time.


She has the clear and simple interface. The antivirus offers a full packageof the functions necessary for protection of the files, systems and datawhich are stored on the hard drive from network malefactors who can stealyour registration data on the Internet, learn the passwords and loginsapplied to commission of bank operations. Such protection guaranteesconfidentiality of any data. As for the interface, it has theRussian-language version. On the official site of an antivirus it ispossible аваст to buy an activation key which after payment will be sent one-mail. With his help it is possible to activate the and to use the Avastaccount which was created at registration.

In the left part of the interface of the there are user sections amongwhich it should be noted:

  • Tools.
  • Scanning.
  • Statistics and another.

Despite a huge number of options and an expanded set of functions, in AvastInternet Security everything is extremely simple and clear even for thenovice user of the personal computer. Navigation on the interface isprovided with execution of all sections and active buttons in differentcolors. For example, important sections are highlighted in orange color,and buttons – blue and green.


To begin to use this, it is necessary to or the file of the license fromthe message which will come to email for order confirmation. On the websiteof the program there is a step-by-step instruction for installation of anantivirus therefore with activation of an anti-virus package there will beno problems. As for the personal computers system resources, they areminimum. For installation of an antivirus on the hard drive there have tobe an empty seat not less than 1.5 GB and only 256 MB of random accessmemory. Mobile version is established on smartphones and tablets with macos OS.

Process of installation on the personal computer is carried out in severalstages:

  • For a start it is necessary to buy an antivirus аваст at low price onthe official site.
  • We enter Windows and we check whether other anti-virus is installed onthe computer. If she is available, then she needs to be removed.
  • We download and we start installation. For activation of the paidversion it is necessary to enter a confirmation code which will be sentto mail.
  • Further it is necessary to keep the Internet of the Security guard onthe personal computer. It is the best of all to place on a desktop.
  • Further the right button of a mouse we press the adjusting file and wechoose Start on behalf of the administrator.
  • We establish Russian and we agree to Control of accounts.
  • We wait when the program appears in memory of the computer and we presson to Continue.
  • After the system is connected to the Internet, it is necessary tochoose the firewall mode: private or public network.

The antivirus is ready to work and data protection of the personal computerfrom malefactors and hackers.

System opportunities

This anti-virus program as already it has been noted above, possesses anexpanded set of functions among which it should be noted:

  • detection of harmful and suspicious messages;
  • protection of the personal computer against the counterfeit websites;
  • reliable firewall thanks to which your data will be in perfectsecurity;
  • protection from spam messages;
  • Wi-Fi check;
  • the screen of behavior finds and at once blocks the suspicious websitesand programs extortioners.

These are not all opportunities of an antivirus of Avast the Internet ofthe Security guard which has additional options:

  • The passive mode allows to use other anti-virus programs, but at thesame time there are available functions;
  • cleaning of the browser of all applications and the extensionsinstalled without the consent of the user;
  • The mode of a game stops notices which disturb a full-fledged game inthe full-screen mode;
  • Account allows to operate subscriptions and to define a location ofdevices and also opens access to all protected programs;
  • The round-the-clock support which can use via the antivirus interface.

Installing on the Avast Internet Security personal computer, it is possiblewithout fear for personal data, passwords and logins, to make purchases onthe Internet, to carry out the bank operations and other actions connectedwith management of financial resources. Also the program protectsconfidential files and photos from malefactors who in the mercenarypurposes can use information of the user to the detriment of him.

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Common to digital
ActivationEntering the key into the program / Having chosen the file of the license
LanguageAll language
Activation territoryWorldwide
Number of devices1
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