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Main specifications
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Activation: Entering the key into the program
Delivery: To Email / Personal account
Platform: Windows
Activation territory: Worldwide
Validity: 1 Year (350 - 366 days)

Reliable Internet protection with Antivirus Trend Micro Antivirus + Security, offers comprehensive protection of the user's privacy on the Internet and allows you to enjoy life in the digital world without fear of viruses and attacks that can bring Harm or deliver no convenience.

The SOFTWARE PRODUCT Trend Micro Antivirus + Security includes the main features such as:

  • Reliable virus Protection
  • Blocking dangerous websites-protect Your PC from cyber criminals by detecting dangerous links on websites that can be delivered after the hacking of the site, in social networks, mail and messengers.
  • Protection against identity theft-detection of phishing scams in junk e-mail messages, which are tricked into sending personal information to intruders or send to the African king money to get his inheritance.
  • Safe Web Browsing-preventing the transition to dangerous websites or copied official sites of companies for phishing attacks

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Common to digital
Activation Entering the key into the program
Delivery To Email / Personal account
Platform Windows
Activation territory Worldwide
Validity 1 Year (350 - 366 days)
The format of the license Text Key
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