Kaspersky Internet Security License Code Windows 10 1year

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Activation:Entering the key into the program
Delivery:To Email / Personal account
Language:All language
Validity:1 Year
The format of the license:ESD

One of the most erroneous opinions among computer users is that the freeantivirus is similar to paid anti-virus products.

On your home PC can and will be enough to install a simple free protectionprogram, if it is constantly updated. But if it happens that there will bean infection, the help of qualified specialists is necessary. In the samesituation the paid anti-virus will be able to solve most problems withoutany extraneous participation. In order to avoid wasting money on solvingproblems, it will be expedient. Today is one of the highest quality paidprotection products.

For fifteen years Kaspersky Lab has been developing products for virusprotection, which is a confirmation of the quality of the releasedprograms. Despite the fact that the central office of the company islocated in the capital of Russia, the anti-virus services are used by usersin more than 200 countries around the world.

Anti-virus features

Anti-virus protection developers care about the competitiveness of theirproduct, so they regularly update and revise it. Today all versions ispossible with all the functions of 100% PC protection, where they will beinstalled:

  • Full protection against any kind of attacks and viruses, includingheuristic analysis, database checking, complete blocking;
  • Check all messages, files and documents received on the computer;
  • full protection against spam;
  • Fencing from children;
  • Protection against leakage of secret data;
  • Regular updating of databases on an automatic basis;
  • Constant network control.
  • Manufacturers today offer to several modifications, each program isdesigned to perform specific tasks:
  • For corporate use Kaspersky Endpoint Security will be suitable;
  • For a home PC that is not connected to a local network

For mobile gadgets will suit Kaspersky mobile Security.

Each individual product is different to the details of thoughtfulprotection, and all of them have an affordable price, so today you canafford protection to any user. The official website of the developerprovides all the necessary information, terms of use and cost.

It is worth considering that the free version of protection does not havethe same functions as a full paid program.

Advantages of anti-virus

If you install the protection program on the PC and use it for some time,according to the feedback of almost all users, you can highlight the mainadvantages of the product:

  • Instant and high-quality PC security against any kind of attacks andviruses;
  • Convenient and accessible interface of the program;
  • Regular updates of installed databases;
  • Reliability guarantee;
  • elaborate functions;
  • Convenient mode of settings of all functions.

New Product

Recently Lab has released its new development of , which is distinguishedby the presence of many additional features that are absent in the productsof the home line. This program allows you to manage all devices remotelyfrom anywhere in the world using the Web interface.

If you choose a new product, you need to know that it provides the abilityto back up your data. Any technique breaks, and always unexpectedly. Toavoid losing important files when you reinstall the operating system, youmust duplicate them to restore them if necessary.

If you have very important information files stored on your PC, will helpyou to save them in a special virtual safe. The data will be automaticallyencrypted in a crack-resistant way. You can only retrieve information ifyou have a password.


Before Kaspersky Internet Security extension, you need to know the featuresof the SOFTWARE Product installation. The basic steps of installation areno different from the installation of "Kaspersky Anti-Virus". But there arealso some features. The first step is to contact the manufacturer's serverto check for existing updates.

If you choose the first option, the maximum protection of your computerwill be guaranteed. If certain modules are not needed, they can be disabledat any time.

After installation, a configuration wizard is launched to help the userquickly activate the program. To do this, you will need to enter theproduct Activation code. Lab experts recommend to perform a full scan ofyour PC's hard drive and all external data carriers connected to itimmediately after the anti-virus installation. The duration of this testdepends on the speed of the personal computer processor and the number ofinformation files available on it.

Today program is considered to be the most popular product in Russia andworldwide. Lab is able to distribute its latest developments to the e-mailof the user who made the decision. The functions of a resident verificationprogram that allows you to check files when downloading, give a certainadvantage that is available only to advanced developers.

Support of some platforms and different network functions in one anti-viruspackage is a very strong argument in favor of the manufacturer. SoftWarehave enough frisky search algorithms and a minimum percentage of erroneouspositives.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus from our store will be a great purchase for yourcomputer!

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Common to digital
ActivationEntering the key into the program
DeliveryTo Email / Personal account
LanguageAll language
Validity1 Year
The format of the licenseESD
Number of devices1
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