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Kaspersky Anti-virus: Description, advantages and possibilities

For installation on a computer device there are many programs, among which the effective and universal means of protection against viruses is Kaspersky Anti-Virus, developed by the laboratory with the same name.

The creation of this product has an interesting history that begins in 1989. To protect your home computer from virus attacks, malicious files and spyware you should buy Kaspersky license which is available via the Internet.

This product automatically updates its data and has several modes of operation. All settings of the program are also performed automatically, which is due to its popularity.

How was Kaspersky Anti-virus created?

The uniqueness of the product from Kaspersky Lab is that it was started to be created long before the development of computer technologies and viruses. Thanks to this, the company managed to release an effective tool to combat various malicious programs. The first viruses came into the system via floppy disks. When Eugene Kaspersky noticed that the letters were waking up on the PC, he quickly got rid of the virus and was able to "heal" the computer from it. By his actions a talented programmer paved the way for the creation of a powerful and reliable anti-virus program, which he named in his honor. Today you can buy Kaspersky Anti-virus at a favorable cost or download a free trial version of the product.

In 1991, Kaspersky, together with other programmers, became an employee of the company "Kami". It was from this moment the large-scale work on development of the project began, the main purpose of which was to create a powerful anti-virus program. In three years the company has released the first brainchild which has received the name AVP and has undergone international testing. As a result, the program became a record for finding and destroying cyber.

Kaspersky Lab programmer received full autonomy in 1997, and in 2 years it opened its branch in England. At that time the company's products beat all sales records. In modern days every PC user to protect his device and important data from malicious programs decides to buy Kaspersky extension antivirus and thus provide the computer safe operation. The program is loaded automatically after the device is turned on, quickly finds and eliminates all files and programs harmful to the system.

The name "Kaspersky" anti-virus product was received only at the beginning of our century. Before this time its name was written in English letters of Kaspersky. The uniqueness of the anti-virus product is that it works with any operating system, be it windows or Mac OS. If your "antivirus" expired, then by clicking on the link, you can buy Kaspersky extension on your home computer.

At the beginning of the 21st century the company divided its anti-virus products into two groups:

For users of stationary computing machines.
For representatives of medium, small and large businesses.
Due to serious viral attacks and the intensification of cyber crime, Kaspersky has developed several new software products, among which it is necessary to note the firewall and protect the PC from spam. A year later the manufacturer opened new branches abroad, which allowed him to establish communication with foreign partners and investors. In Russia Kaspersky Lab is considered to be the best manufacturer and supplier of anti-malware systems.

What is Kaspersky Anti-Virus?
The modern market of computer programs is oversaturated with numerous products for struggle and destruction of all kinds of viruses:


  • Trojan programs;
  • Spyware
  • Spam and stuff.


These products have an extended list of features:


Finding and "treating" viruses;

Blocking threats;

Protection of files from deletion;

Spam protection;

Virus protection from the world Wide Web and so on.

At the time of the virus attack the most affected OS windows, which is currently considered the most common. Kaspersky Anti-virus reliably protects all applications and components of this "operation", adjusting to its functionality.


Despite its Russian origin, Kaspersky is popular in different countries of the world. It provides its clients with only quality and reliable products, which help to combat various threats that cause irreparable harm to computer systems. In order to be sure of this, you need to buy Kaspersky license and install it on your computer easily.


This product offers an advanced list of features and services to ensure the security of your PC:


Block malicious files.

Protection against mass mailings.

Automatic system updates every day.

Protection against leakage of confidential information.

Prompt check of file documents for the presence of extraneous programs.

Comprehensive protection against threats from the Internet.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus has only positive feedback, among which you can note:


User-friendly interface;

easy to use;

Effective virus protection;

Rapid threat detection;

Thoughtful design;

Advanced functionality.

In addition, the price of Kaspersky is affordable and quickly pays off by providing powerful protection and a high level of security against various viruses. The advantages of this anti-virus protection include comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats, verification of signature databases, the presence of a heuristic analyzer and behavioral locking.


As for the comprehensive protection of the anti-virus program, it includes:

Check all incoming messages for spam, that is, the program completely protects e-mail from all kinds of threats. For the most popular mail programs there are special plugins and treatment of malicious systems in mail bases;

Daily check of Internet traffic, which is carried out in online mode. Thus, getting on a malicious site, the system blocks it and immediately notifies about it to the user;

Scan file documents. This function is to check individual disks, directories and files. In addition, it is possible to run a scan of the affected OS Components and all objects that are loaded when the Windows is started.

Kaspersky Lab has released many versions of its Kaspersky buy anti-virus software, each of which is a unique product designed to fight against malicious attacks. Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a protection against viruses, cyber and attacks by hackers.