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We can constantly see the number of devices enabling access to the Internet, as well as the number of operating systems which provide this access. It goes without saying that every user faces the question of putting the proper security in place. Previously users mostly thought about how to ensure the safety of information on Windows, but today the same question is asked by the owners of devices running Android and iOS. A variety of security programs is known, but special attention is paid to Kaspersky products. Download Kaspersky Security for free to give your computer or laptop reliable protection against worms, Trojans and other malware.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 Distribution
Manufacturer:Kaspersky Labs

Size: 178 MB

Interface language: English, Multi-Lang

System Size: x32 / x64

Date of release: 2000

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor from: 1.66 GHz or greater
  • Remote memory: 1GB and up
  • Video memory: 64 Mb
  • Hard Drive Space: 1.6 GB
Kaspersky Labs manufacturer logoOnly licensed product

Kaspersky Internet Security


Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 is widely considered one of the best security tools and an effective solution for your computer. This product includes an effective anti-virus, anti-phishing and firewall. The program is made in a modern design with an intuitive interface. Setup options are available, but at the same time, signature databases are updated automatically so you don't have to spend any time on that.

To download Kaspersky Security 2020 for free is worth at least for what it includes for the following features:

  • strong protection against viruses, Trojans, blockers and other threats
  • strong barrier against viruses without slowing you down
  • Antivirus is easy to install and easy to configure
  • Provides high privacy: blocks spyware, geo-tags, locates and resets lost devices
  • Cross-platform: Not only protects Windows 10 x32, x64, but also other operating systems including Android, Mac
  • secure payments: in case of transactions, Kaspersky Internet Security launches a browser to provide high security

If you are interested in protecting all your devices from modern and up-to-date Internet threats, it is definitely worth downloading Kaspersky Internet Security installer. After installation and launching it you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with main advantages of the product during 30 days. Later on you will need to buy a license key to provide full protection for your device.

Free Kaspersky Internet Security

The latest KIS 2021 uses the same scanning mechanism as Kaspersky Anti-Virus. This feature provides a high level of real-time computer protection against most threats. While surfing, the protection module detects potentially unsafe web resources and blocks them from opening. Automatic blocking of files due to their strange behavior in the system has been implemented. New version also includes additional ransomware protection.

The firewall is easy to set up: Users can configure the spam filter, take advantage of parental controls, and have a special new layer of protection for wireless networks that displays alerts for network security issues.

Download the Kaspersky Interior Security distribution kit from our site. The basic configuration is suitable for most users. It includes everything you need to keep your devices protected 24/7.

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13 Mar 2021
A new version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 is available, you can update:https://pdc5.pa2.pdc.kaspersky.com/DownloadManagers/36/92/3692eac1-89cb-43a2-ba97-a376fa8dae65/kis21.3.10.391en_26096.exe
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