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Program description and benefits of Avast Premier antivirus 2018/2019

Computer protection against malware and all kinds of viruses is in thefirst place, so for personal security PC users install antivirus program.In our online store you can at an affordable cost, in addition, these arenew versions of the software that have received many new modules andfeatures that expand the ability to block viruses and other Internetattacks.

Avast Premier 2018-2019 is an improved version of Avast Internet Securitysoftware. In it, the developer has included more advanced privacy toolsData Shredder, automatic application updates and the ability to remotecontrol. Among the main features of the program should be highlighted:

  • safe execution of any online transactions, including banking;
  • saving data to your hard drive;
  • protection of personal and digital data.

A review of 2018

Reliable protection for your laptop and computer. This product isconsidered to be the most powerful tool from the rich line Of antivirus,which contains a lot of new modules and a set of useful features from theSoftware company. PC protection includes:

  • scanning information that is transmitted through a computer network;
  • testing your home network for vulnerabilities;
  • support of any financial transactions, online shopping and Internetsurfing;
  • lock data by creating the most secure password with multi-stepencryption;
  • firewall and more.

To install the SOFTWARE on a computer or laptop running on the basis ofWindows OS, you need to activation key, which will be sent to thecustomer's e-mail. Before, the user can during the test period absolutelyfree to check how it works, and then buy an activation key, which is issuedafter payment on the official website. Avast Premier 2018 forRussian-speaking users has received a lot of special modules, each of whichmonitors the security of a particular area on the PC:

  • documents and files;
  • hard drive;
  • webcam;
  • web browser;
  • home network;
  • software and stuff.

The new version of the software product has an extension that allows you tocheck the authenticity of online stores and thus makes online shopping moresecure and profitable. SafePrice unobtrusively offers the user to view thesame product on other sites, but at a lower cost during checkout.

New features & functions

Among the improved features should be noted:

  1. CyberCapture technology prevents cyberattacks from unknown Internetthreats.
  2. Built-in webcam protection (Webcam Shield) protects your camera,computer device and personal data from malware. The client can fullycontrol the webcam and connect a forced request mode, which istriggered when any application tries to hack the system.
  3. The "sandbox" function, which prevents infected files from entering thesystem and harming the computer.
  4. The web shield protects your device from any Internet threats andblocks suspicious extensions and sites with bad reputation. Plus, thismodule does not allow hackers to use the personal data of the PC userand quickly declassifies any of their encryption.

Before buying this SOFTWARE, it is important to know that the anti-viruslicense is distributed as an activation code or license file that you cantake after logging into your account.

Features and functions of antivirus version 2019

Avast Premier 2019, like the 2018 version, has many new features, such asadvanced artificial intelligence technology that blocks phishing threatsand increases PC security several times. It is a more effective product forcomplex and instant protection of devices, in which all computing processesare transferred to the cloud space.

Advantages and innovations

This anti-virus works in the windows operating system and in addition tovirus protection, has virtualization technology, web protection function,firewall and a number of additional options:

  • option "data Destruction", which deletes files, erases data fromexternal media and hard drive without the possibility of theirrecovery;
  • "Program update" is responsible for updating new versions ofapplications. This process is automatic;
  • the function of checking sites for authenticity.

We also offer keys for activation and renewal of the anti-virus programlicense. Is enhanced security of all computer components, user personaldata and financial transactions conducted on the Internet. Now shoppingonline has become much easier, easier and safer.

Antivirus program, the price of which depends on the version, occupies aleading place among other similar SOFTWARE, as it has an affordable cost,advanced features, intuitive interface and easy management. The updatedversion of the antivirus has the function of protecting confidential data.Its essence is to find files with secret information and protect them fromunauthorized access by hackers and spyware.


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